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SnakeBytes, 6/10: Surly Edition

Well, wasn't that a grand way to spend your afternoon?  Unless of course you had anything better to do with your time than put your hopes in the hands of Chad Qualls, which I sincerely hope you did.  For those of you who haven't abandoned the team already to start preparing for the World Cup, here's some links for you...

Reliving the Agony of the Game:

If your spirits haven't been completely crushed yet, fortify yourself with a shot of whatever (or ice cream sandwiches, for the underage) and hit the jump for more stories.

Wikipedia assures me that "The Arizona Diamondbacks are a professional baseball team based in Phoenix, Arizona", but somehow I feel like citation is needed.  Professional? Really?

More Diamondbacks News:

Around the League:

And with that, we end today's SnakeBytes.  Go find something less disheartening to think about for the rest of the day, and we'll face another game of Diamondbacks baseball tomorrow.