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Gameday Thread, #52: 5/31 vs. Dodgers


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 2-3, 4.57


Chad Billingsley
RHP, 6-2, 3.63

Should the Diamondbacks allow two home-runs this evening - and since they have allowed 49 through the first 28 games of May, that's by no means implausible - they will be in seriously unwanted territory. No team in the National League has allowed more than 50 homers during a calendar month since August 2002, when the Rockies gave up 56. That was back in the days when the baseballs used at Coors did not resemble vodka-soaked marshmallows in consistency. For Arizona even to be approaching that number is just...sick.

Line-up, and more reasons why we really don't want to lose another game tonight, after the jump.

  1. Kelly Johnson 2b
  2. Justin Upton rf
  3. Stephen Drew ss
  4. Mark Reynolds 3b
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b
  6. Chris Young cf
  7. Gerardo Parra lf
  8. Chris Snyder c
  9. Rodrigo Lopez rhp

If Arizona are defeated this evening, it would draw a line under the Diamondbacks' May with 20 losses. It would only be the fourth time in franchise history that they had sunk that low. I'll spare you the gruesome details for the post-game piece, and hope I don't have to dig out the previous examples. I am on the recap, and do really not want to have to Google Image search for any more sweary words to illustrate the game - I think I dodged a bullet with that last time...

Mrs. SnakePit is firing up the burgers 'n' hot-dogs for this evening's eating, and I'll be dotting in and out for the game, as I munch.