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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 4

After last week's plethora of close games, this week saw a definitely different set of result, with only one game being closer than a two-point margin, and a trio of contests being decided by five or more. Here are the quick results: details, standings and the upcoming fixtures after the jump.

The Fighting Amish 7, Baked 2
AZ SnakePit 6, Balco's Boys 4
warlords 5, 7-2 Offsuiters 5
Blonde Streaks 1, Sofa King Juiced 7
NiceCrispyBacon 1, Moving on Uptons 7
Shoryukens! 6, Lady Gaga Regatta 3
Funny Team Name 6, Confederate Generals 3

Week 4 Results

The Fighting Amish 7, Baked 2
Amish retained their table-top position, albeit by only one-half point, crushing Baked. Liriano's two Wins and 19 K's led the Amish pitching staff, while the two Gonzalezes, Alex and Carlos, combined for five HR and 18 RBI. Baked got two Saves from Soria.

AZ SnakePit 6, Balco's Boys 4
Four home-runs and 10 RBI apiece by Ethier and Soriano were the engine-room of Pit's win, as they took every hitting category bar SB, hitting .337 on the week. Balco's got a W and eight K's from Hughes, and had a collective 2.32 ERA, but fell short.

warlords 5, 7-2 Offsuiters 5
The week's only close game saw war take hitting, batting .318 with Ramirez homering four times for them. Despite 13 K's for war from Weaver, 7-2 took pitching by the same score: Mayne delivered a W and nine K's, and Bailey's save proved enough for the tie.

Blonde Streaks 1, Sofa King Juiced 7
HR was the only point won by Blonde, thanks to four by Cano. Otherwise, it was all Sofa, Swisher and Johnson produced two Home-runs and drove in six each, while on the mound, Haren produced a Win and 13 strikeouts. Sv and SB ended tied.

NiceCrispyBacon 1, Moving on Uptons 7
The same margin allowed the Uptons to keep pace at the top of the league. Going into the weekend, a sweep was possible, but Bacon took WHIP with a 1.05 score, and tied in SB and HR. Upton's stars were Halladay (W, 11K) and Hayward (3 HR, 7 RBI).

Shoryukens! 6, Lady Gaga Regatta 3
Shoryu hit a league-best .341, with two HR, six RBI and a .450 BA from Hunter, and their success at the plate proved decisive in this match-up. Pitching was evenly split: Gaga piled up 57 K's (14, plus a W, from Verlander), Shoryu got a Win + 12 K's from Shields.

Funny Team Name 6, Confederate Generals 3
With a 2.05 ERA and 54 K's, Funny's mound strength was the key to victory. Johnson and Gallardo combined for four Wins and 35 strikeouts. Feliz got three Saves for the Generals. On offense, McCutchen (Generals) and Hamilton (Funny) had three HR.



Team W L T PCT GB Streak
The Fighting Amish 26 10 4 0.700 0 W3
Sofa King Juiced 26 11 3 0.688 0.5 W2
Moving on Uptons 24 13 3 0.637 2.5 L1
AZ SnakePit 22 17 1 0.562 5.5 L3
warlords 19 18 3 0.512 7.5 L2
Funny Team Name 18 18 4 0.500 8 W2
Baked 18 19 3 0.487 8.5 L3
Blonde Streaks 18 20 2 0.475 9 L2
Lady Gaga Regatta 17 21 2 0.450 10 L1
7-2 Offsuiters 18 22 0 0.450 10 W2
Balco's Boys 16 23 1 0.412 11.5 W3
Shoryukens! 14 23 3 0.388 12.5 W1
NiceCrispyBacon 14 23 3 0.388 12.5 W1
Confederate Generals 13 25 2 0.350 14 L2


Week 5 Fixtures

Sofa King Juiced at Funny Team Name
NiceCrispyBacon at Balco's Boys
Baked at 7-2 Offsuiters
Shoryukens! at Blonde Streaks
The Fighting Amish at Moving on Uptons
warlords at Lady Gaga Regatta
AZ SnakePit at Confederate Generals

The Fighting Amish are becoming like the Yankees of fantasy coverage: they are once again the game of the week, as our league-leaders look to see of the challenge of the currently third-placed Moving On Uptons. The latter have arguably the best hitter and pitcher in the NL on their roster, in Pujols and Halladay, but do they have enough depth to withstand the mighty juggernaut which has been the Amish so far?

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