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SnakeBytes, 5/28: Into the Land of the Giants

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Not sorry to be leaving Colorado, but the roadtrip rumbles on, with the Diamondbacks now down at sea-level against the Giants. Here's to better things in these three games, and the Giants offense has returned to its sputtering ways, having scored 13 runs in six contests since we last saw them. More on that later: first, here are the recaps of the final game at Coors [if you care], and after the jump, a lot of news bits and pieces, on players both major and minor.


  • [AZCentral]Rockies complete sweep of Diamondbacks - "For the second consecutive start, he allowed four home runs and has given up 16 homers this season. At this pace, he would approach Bert Blyleven's single-season record of 50 home runs allowed in 1986."
  • [Yahoo!] 3 straight homers lead Rockies to sweep D-backs - "I caught too much plate in the seventh and good hitters are going to make you pay," Haren said. "I had trouble keeping the ball in the yard. I’m frustrated. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this in my career.":
  • [] Haren roughed up against Rockies - "It all boils down to execution of pitches," Hinch said. "He's battling, he's trying and right now every mistake, every bad pitch he's making is getting punished. He's trying. It's really hard to describe because it's nothing that anyone is ever expecting when he's on the mound. He's as good as it gets when he's on and he's just had a hard time finding that consistency this year."

Team News and Notes

Baseball News

  • [] Girardi: Phantom warmup 'within rules' - "Girardi sent starter Andy Pettitte out to throw his warmup pitches, which he did more slowly than usual. When home-plate umpire Brian O'Nora tried to hurry things along, catcher Francisco Cervelli briefly pretended to have something in his eye before Girardi finally made the pitching change. "
  • [] Carlos Zambrano move, Cubs Way alienating Chicago fans - "Parts of Wrigley Field are visibly empty these days, even when the tickets have all been sold. Waveland Avenue is at times oddly bereft of ballhawks. Chicago at large is far more keyed in on the Blackhawks, LeBron James and perhaps even the World Cup than on National League baseball. Enough disappointment, and even the North Side cares a bit less than it might."
  • [] Wittels' college hitting streak reaches 51 - "Wittels extended the second-longest hitting streak in college baseball history to 51 games on Friday, pulling within seven games of the record set by Robin Ventura back in 1987. Wittels, a sophomore infielder for Florida International University, delivered a run-scoring single in his first at-bat Friday to keep his streak alive."
  • [ESPN] Umpire Joe West, Chicago White Sox's Ozzie Guillen, Mark Buehrle fined - "Umpire Joe West, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and pitcher Mark Buehrle were fined by Major League Baseball on Friday for their recent balk flap. A person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press there weren't any suspensions. The amount of the fines was not known."