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SnakeBytes, 5/27: Broom-free Edition [hopefully]

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I'll keep this short, since there'll be a Gameday Thread going up in a bit, as the offense tries to do a bit better than they managed against Jimenez last night. Here are the reviews for that [summary: thumbs down] and after the jump, a few other bits and pieces praising various members of the team. I'll be more impressed if we'd won a game since Saturday...


News and Notes

  • [] Jackson doubling down against opponents - Since May 14, eight of his nine hits have been doubles."Obviously, I'd like to string a few more multi-hit games in there," said Jackson. "Gap-to-gap is really the kind of hitter that I am and they're finding holes right now."
  • [] Vasquez putting together soild stretch - Yep. "soild". I think that's a misprint for "solid." If it was Juan Gutierrez being discussed, it would probably be a misprint for "soiled"...
  • [AZCentral] Bullpen gets boost from Esmerling Vasquez - "His stuff is good enough, and for a young reliever it's hard to believe that until you've felt it for a while," Hinch said. "Every time he takes two steps forward, he takes a step back. I have a lot of belief and a lot of trust in him, and I hope he's starting to get the confidence needed to put these strings together."
  • [] Drew showing signs of regaining 2008 form "We joke with him a lot that he's the unluckiest hitter on our team," D-backs manager A.J. Hinch said. "But I think that might be true. He's a factor in the lineup and he has a very efficient swing." More on Drew later today, as he's the subject of "What's Up With..."