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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 6

Some serious blowouts, and the biggest shock result of the season highlighted this week's results in Division 1. Here are the quick results: as ever, details, standings and a look forward after the jump.

Confederate Generals 6, NiceCrispyBacon 3
Shoryukens! 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
7-2 Offsuiters 4, Moving on Uptons 5
Blonde Streaks 7, warlords 2
Funny Team Name 2, AZ SnakePit 7
Lady Gaga Regatta 0, Baked 8
Balco's Boys 2, The Fighting Amish 8

Confederate Generals 6, NiceCrispyBacon 3
Two homers and eight RBI by Longoria meant the Generals come within one stolen-base of a sweep in the offensive categories. Lackey (W + 10 K) helped them fend off a Generals comeback. Price had a Win and a 2.84 ERA in a losing cause.

Shoryukens! 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
A real shock, last-placed Shoryu demolishing leaders Sofa, and it was just as easy as the score implies. Shoryu benefited from Zimmerman's three HR and eight RBI, while Billingsley had two W + 13 K, and a team WHIP of 0.96. Sofa's only win was in K's.

7-2 Offsuiters 4, Moving on Uptons 5
The week's only close game went to Uptons, Wins ending tied at two. Uptons had a collective ERA of 2.35, behind Valverde (W + two Saves, 0.00 ERA). 7-2 kept it close with two HR and six Runs from Loney and 18 K by Hanson. Lester fanned ten for the Uptons.

Blonde Streaks 7, warlords 2
Blonde took all five pitching points, with a 1.64 ERA - Broxton had four scoreless Saves, while Hudson notched two Wins. Things were split evenly at the plate: Rios had five Runs and three SB for war, but Victorino (Blonde) scored eight and drove in seven.

Funny Team Name 2, AZ SnakePit 7
A scoreless inning by Hoffman late on Sunday gave Snake both WHIP and K, breaking open the contest. They also got two Wins from Arroyo, and their pitching powered them victory. Hamilton homered twice for Funny, and Ethier had six RBI for Snake.

Lady Gaga Regatta 0, Baked 8
Lady got blanked, though held Baked to a tie in both Wins and Saves. Otherwise they got well-Baked, as it were. Dunn had three home-runs for the victors, who also got eight Runs from Heyward. On pitching, Pineiro gave them a Win and 12 strikeouts.

Balco's Boys 2, The Fighting Amish 8
Amish returned to the top spot in the league with a comfortable victory. They got three home-runs from Uggla and Rodriguez drove in seven, while Nolasco got two W and Nunez saved four. Hughes produced a Win and eight strikeouts for Balco.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
The Fighting Amish 39 17 4 0.683 0 W2
Moving on Uptons 34 22 4 0.600 5 W1
AZ SnakePit 34 23 3 0.592 5.5 W2
Sofa King Juiced 32 23 5 0.575 6.5 L6
Blonde Streaks 32 24 4 0.567 7 W2
Baked 29 26 5 0.525 9.5 W1
7-2 Offsuiters 29 30 1 0.492 11.5 L1
Shoryukens! 25 31 4 0.450 14 W6
warlords 25 31 4 0.450 14 L2
Funny Team Name 23 30 7 0.442 14.5 L2
Confederate Generals 23 33 4 0.417 16 L1
Lady Gaga Regatta 23 33 4 0.417 16 L1
NiceCrispyBacon 22 34 4 0.400 17 W1
Balco's Boys 23 36 1 0.392 17.5 L2


Week 7 Games

Funny Team Name at NiceCrispyBacon
Shoryukens! at warlords
7-2 Offsuiters at Balco's Boys
Blonde Streaks at Baked
AZ SnakePit at Sofa King Juiced
Lady Gaga Regatta at Moving on Uptons
Confederate Generals at The Fighting Amish

Snakepit takes on Sofa in the MLB Network Game of the Week. Snake have not yet been defeated, but will be without Andre Ethier for this series due to his broken finger - he leads the team with 11 HR and 38 RBI. Sofa will be looking to rebound after a blowout loss last week, and will look to Tim Lincecum and Kelly Johnson to lead them in the right direction.

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