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SnakeBytes 5/14: Finally Friday Edition

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Ah yes, the annual tradition of Stars and Stripes baseball hats.  This is truly the pinnacle of baseball.
Ah yes, the annual tradition of Stars and Stripes baseball hats. This is truly the pinnacle of baseball.

Did you have a good day off?  Look at this way: the Diamondbacks didn't lose.

After the jump your faithful newsies bring you the Extra! Extra!'s of the newest Diamondbacks (Edwin, relievers, Abreu, and more), the happs of the Braves and imminent series in Atlanta, and the going arounds of baseball, natch.  Be sure to check out page C14 for all the latest rumors involving the greatest signs stealing scheme since the '51 Giants, and what crusty old neighbor Charlie Manuel has to say about that.

Diamondbacks News

 NL West: D'Backs getting no action from Jackson -
The Diamondbacks invested a lot of hope and plenty of dough on Edwin Jackson this offseason, but all he's been able to do is lead his new ballclub to just one win in eight starts.

 Arizona Diamondbacks need relievers to have dramatic turnaround
The Diamondbacks don't just need a turnaround from one or two relievers to fix their disastrous bullpen. It will take nearly a sea change of effectiveness. What's gone wrong?

Arizona Diamondbacks' Tony Abreu provides depth, trade intrigue
Tony Abreu's addition to the infield may provide value on the trade market in quest for bullpen help.

Arizona Diamondbacks farm report: Jordan Norberto's command struggles
Jordan Norberto's command struggles, LHP Jordan Norberto struggled with his command during his brief stint in the majors, walking six in three innings.

Arizona Diamondbacks Q&A: Outfielder Cole Gillespie
Rookie outfielder answers some of our questions.

Braves and Series Previews

 The Braves come home to the D-backs, KJ, LaRoche and a protest | Atlanta Braves
(Staff writer Carroll Rogers is filling in for David O’Brien today.)   The Braves are back on the home front, and that’s been a safe

 Glavine to have number retired by Braves | News

Number 47 will hang from the proverbial rafters of Turner Field.

 Wren thinks offense has turned corner | News

Just in time to face the hapless Diamondbacks bullpen.

 Diamondbacks at Braves: Series Preview - Talking Chop
Previewing the series between the Diamondbacks and the Braves which starts tonight at Turner Field.

News Around the League

Complete works for Padres’ Latos -

Padres are still looking for the first no-hitter of their franchise's existance after Latos gets a 1-hit CG.

 Mets Lead The Majors In Declining Attendance - Editorial -
After 22 home games, attendance at Citi Field is down 6,852 fans a game, which translates to 31,892 fans at games this season.

Hillman conveys support for successor | News

Ned Yost takes over as the manager for the hapless Royals.

 It’s Official: The Yankees Are Slumping -- The Sports Section
A little happy news?

 Keeping Score - No-Hitters Become Rarer, Perfect Games Less So -
Somehow, without anyone noticing, the perfect game has started to become more common, while no-hitters over all have become harder to come by.

 Toughest Division? Tougher to Say Now - Bats Blog -
The A.L. East, which has the two teams in the league with the most wins, is 16 games over .500 (51-35) against nondivisional foes.

 Top Lender to Rangers Has a Warning for Baseball -
The managing principal of Monarch Alternative Capital said the lenders would not agree to a sale of the team "at a price below fair market value."

 Jeff Francouer: Phillies' advantage is 'not fair' - Morning Jolt -

Phillies get 84 home games this season when their Blue Jays series is moved to avoid the G-20 summit.

 Gonzo: Stealing signs is a baseball tradition | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/14/2010
Sez Manuel: "Stop crying."

 Tracy: We complained because it is wrong | News

Tracy: "Oh yeah?  Well, we'll tell mom!"

Okay enough of all that, let's party: