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SnakeBytes, May 10th: Brew-hoo

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No, I got nuttin'. We get swept by the Brewers at home: the bullpen may have blown chunks, but you won't win many series scoring a total of six runs either. Here's to better things against the Dodgers in the series which starts tonight. Lots of news and analysis this morning: recaps are below, everything else - including the return of one of the best-named players in the franchise - after the jump.


  • [] Kennedy deserves a better fate - "Rickie Weeks, who had a seven-hit series, rubbed it in when he stole second base with no outs in the top of the ninth Sunday. It is an unwritten rule that the team that is ahead does not run if a grand slam home run cannot tie the game. The D-Backs are in Milwaukee from Aug. 9-12."
  • [AZCentral] Kennedy's effort unrewarded vs. Milwaukee Brewers - "Ian was very good, very good," Hinch said. "He's putting together a nice string of starts here. I thought he had a great game plan, I thought he executed his pitches, he battled, pitched out of a really, really tough jam without giving up a run."
  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks swept by Brewers - "Calling the series frustrating was not descriptive enough for Hinch, whose team seemed to have momentum after a four-game series victory in Houston last week. "That word probably doesn't do it justice on how these last few games have gone," he said."
  • [] Frustrated D-backs drop third straight - "Hinch said third-base coach Bo Porter originally flashed the stop sign for Young, but sent him on to home when Drew rounded second at full speed. Drew, on the other hand, said he dug for third after seeing Young head for home."

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