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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 5

It may have been a bad weekend for the D-backs, suffering their first sweep at home since... Well, since the last time we played the Brewers, actually. But there were still victories to be had on the fantasy playing field. Here are this week's quick result: details, updated standings and next week's schedule are after the jump.

Sofa King Juiced 5, Funny Team Name 3
NiceCrispyBacon 5, Balco's Boys 5
Baked 3, 7-2 Offsuiters 7
Shoryukens! 2, Blonde Streaks 7
The Fighting Amish 5, Moving on Uptons 5
warlords 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 6
AZ SnakePit 5, Confederate Generals 4

Week 5 Results

Sofa King Juiced 5, Funny Team Name 3
Though neither side managed a save, Sofa took the other pitching points, accumulating 56 K's - Lincecum had 21, and Haren added a Win and nine strikeouts. Beltre had two HR and drove in nine for Funny, who fought back at the plate, but the margin was too much.

NiceCrispyBacon 5, Balco's Boys 5
Neither side hit well - they combined for only six home-runs and Balco's batted .190 - but Bacon had the edge there, with Jones having seven RBI and Wieters homering twice. Balco's leveled things in pitching, thanks to Burnett (W + 12 K) and Wagner (two Saves).

Baked 3, 7-2 Offsuiters 7
7-2 cruised to a fairly easy win, largely dominating this contest. Dunn had the only multi-homer week, for Baked, but Braun's eight RBI and 12 Runs gave them the other hitting categories. Oswalt had 17 K, and Romero a Win and 16 strikeouts for them as well.

Shoryukens! 2, Blonde Streaks 7
Shoryu's offense didn't show up: they managed three homers and 14 RBI for the week, with Fielder responsible for two and six respectively. Blonde benefited from Teixeira (three HR, eight RBI); Wilson got them three Saves, and Sheets a W and eight K's.

The Fighting Amish 5, Moving on Uptons 5
The game of the week proved thrilling, with a tie the right result. Amish dominated at the plate, sweeping hitting behind Votto (three HR, seven RBI) and Gonzalez (eight RBI). But Uptons were just as huge on the mound, powered by Lester (two W, 12 K) and Capps (three Saves).

warlords 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 6
Lady's pitching was unstoppable:sixty K's, seven Wins and a 0.87 WHIP, with two W + 17 K for Peavy and two W's + 14 K for Baker, resulting in a pitching sweep. war made a fight of it in hitting, behind Rios (three HR, eight RBI), but a loss in BA (.284 to .311) proved crucial.

AZ SnakePit 5, Confederate Generals 4
Snake remained undefeated, a tie in Wins giving them the edge. Their offense continues to dominate, hitting .342 with Guerrero (four HR, 13 RBI) winning Player of the Week honors and Hudson scoring six Runs. Generals got a W and 13 K from Wainwright.



Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Sofa King Juiced 31 14 5 0.670 0 W2
The Fighting Amish 31 15 4 0.660 0.5 L2
Moving on Uptons 29 18 3 0.610 3 W2
AZ SnakePit 27 21 2 0.560 5.5 L1
Blonde Streaks 25 22 3 0.530 7 W1
7-2 Offsuiters 25 25 0 0.500 8.5 L1
warlords 23 24 3 0.490 9 L2
Lady Gaga Regatta 23 25 2 0.480 9.5 W2
Funny Team Name 21 23 6 0.480 9.5 L2
Baked 21 26 3 0.450 11 W1
Balco's Boys 21 28 1 0.430 12 L1
NiceCrispyBacon 19 28 3 0.410 13 W1
Confederate Generals 17 30 3 0.370 15 W1
Shoryukens! 16 30 4 0.360 15.5 L1


Week 6 Games

Confederate Generals at NiceCrispyBacon
Shoryukens! at Sofa King Juiced
7-2 Offsuiters at Moving on Uptons
Blonde Streaks at warlords
Funny Team Name at AZ SnakePit
Lady Gaga Regatta at Baked
Balco's Boys at The Fighting Amish

Moving On Uptons take on 7-2 Offsuiters in a game of the week 100% free of The Fighting Amish. 7-2 are the tie-masters, with three of their contests already having ended 5-5. Both teams go into the sixth round of games with only one defeat previously. 7-2 have an offense powered by Ryan Braun, with Ricky Romero the staff ace, while the Uptons will look to Albert Pujols and Roy Halladay to keep them with the leaders.

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