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D-backs Daily: April 7th, 2010

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Discovered that the train to Scotland, on which I presently sit, has wifi, so decided I might as well take advantage of it and do the D-backs Daily - it'll be one less thing for Zephon to do when he gets up. And it'll also give me something to do when the novelty of the British countryside whizzing by has worn off. "Oh, look! Greenery!" Which, I think, is probably pretty close to happening...

The D-backs unbeaten season came to an end last night, destroying any hopes of an unprecedented 162-0 season for Arizona. Never mind: 161-1 it is, then. After the jump, we'll point you in the direction of the recaps of the evening's action, and any other bits and pieces of interest. Of course, other suggestions and anything I've missed, will be welcome, as always.

Game recaps:

Other news and notes: