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SnakeBytes April 29, 2010: Afternoon Edition

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Well, that certainly was an [exciting/annoying/excruciating/awesome] game, wasn't it? Note to self: choose proper descriptor before posting. With no game this evening, you'll obviously need something pass the time, and SnakeBytes is here for you.

Recaps of this afternoon's outing:

  • [] Kennedy, LaRoche lead Diamondbacks past Cubs - Ian Kennedy pitched eight strong innings for his first victory in 2 1/2 years.

  • [] LaRoche's two blasts power D-backs - For the second straight game the D-backs scored in double digits as they rolled to a 13-1 win over the Cubs on Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field.
  • [] Cubs Game Day: D'backs rout Cubs - "The wind is blowing out to left field at 27 m.p.h. this afternoon, so you'd think the Cubs offense should be able to get back on track against Arizona right-hander Ian Kennedy. Think again."

    A whole roster of stories after the jump.

  • Team and Player News:

  • [] West Linn's Cole Gillespie makes The Show - Apparently they gave Gillespie some trouble before they let him know he'd been called up. "They asked me if I remembered taking a drug test in spring training. I told them yes and my manager said 'Well, do you have anything you want to tell me?'

  • [] Arizona Diamondbacks' Dan Haren battles fastball issues - A few notes from Nick Piecoro.
  • [] Edwin Jackson's Changeup Doing Him No Favors - Fangraphs suggests that Jackson returns to using his slider more often.
  • [] LaRoche productive in April - "For a player who is known for his slow starts and bad Aprils, Adam LaRoche hasn't exactly lived up to the reputation... Entering Tuesday night's game, he was hitting .286 with a .394 on-base percentage and .482 slugging percentage, numbers that are about in line with his end-of-year production averages."

  • [] Free Agent Hot Starts - Kelly Johnson is included on this list, and deservedly so.

  • [Talking Chop] The Replacements - Talking Chop - A Braves fan compares ex-Braves, including Johnson and LaRoche, to current Braves. Of course, after the day LaRoche had today, they might re-evaluate a bit.
  • [Beyond The Box Score] BtB Power Rankings: Week 4 - The Diamondbacks move up three spots to #9. Not bad for a team that just moved up to .500.

  • Around Baseball:

  • [] The Perils Of Day Baseball - Jim wrote an article for SBN on the trouble of daytime games for most fans.

  • [] Talks ongoing with 2 MLB teams - Pima County says they're in talks with two teams to move to Tucson for Spring Training, and about the prospect of bringing a Japanese team in for next season.

  • [] Rockies' catcher Miguel Olivo passes kidney stone, keeps playing - Passing a kidney stone during a game? That's pretty hardcore.

  • [] New York Yankees: Not the Most Hated Team in Baseball - The Indians? I'm extremely skeptical.

  • [] All-Star Game changes: Rosters expanded, DH to be used every year - No confirmation to the rumors that Selig ordered a special All-Star Game Abacus because this time, it counts.

  • [] Dodgers problems worsen after GM Colletti picks on Matt Kemp - "Bill James has a saying that goes something like, 'Bad teams often focus all of the blame on their best players.' That's what Ringmaster Ned is doing, right or wrong."

  • [] Let's Go Tribe Simulates The 'Baseball Tonight' Experience For Non-New England Fans - Comedy or tragedy? You decide!

  • [Hardball Talk] MLB denies that Twitter crackdown but facts say otherwise - Sounds like this could turn into a full brouhaha. Walkoff Walk laments this may end their This Tweet In Baseball feature just as it begins.

  • That should probably be enough stories to keep you busy at least long enough for Jim to get a recap up, so enjoy the rest of the day!