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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 3

A lot of close games this week: three ended in ties, and another couple were decided by a single category. Here are the quick scores: details, standings and upcoming games after the jump.

Baked 6, NiceCrispyBacon 4
Confederate Generals 3, Sofa King Juiced 7
7-2 Offsuiters 5, Shoryukens! 5
Balco's Boys 5, Funny Team Name 5
Moving on Uptons 4, AZ SnakePit 6
Lady Gaga Regatta 5, Blonde Streaks 5
warlords 3, The Fighting Amish 5

Week 3 Results

Baked 6, NiceCrispyBacon 4
Baked got six W's this week, two of them, along with 12 strikeouts, coming from De La Rosa, but it was BA, which they took by just .004, that proved decisive. Things might have been different if Bacon hadn't lost Ramirez to the DL. Dunn homered twice for Baked.

Confederate Generals 3, Sofa King Juiced 7
Neither side pitched well - Sofa's 4.75 ERA was enough for victory, Rodney picking up a Win and two Saves for them. They won, despite benching Konerko and Johnson, who each homered four times. Morneau had two HR and drove in seven for the Generals.

7-2 Offsuiters 5, Shoryukens! 5
The teams hit .315 and .324 respectively; 7-2 had a narrow edge in hitting overall, thanks to Braun (8 RBI, 6 Runs) and Reyes three SB. However, Shoryu came back to level things on the mound: Rodriguez had three Saves and seven K's, and Papelbon a W and two Sv.

Balco's Boys 5, Funny Team Name 5
Boys piled up 53 K's, Hughes getting a W and ten strikeouts, and took WHIP by a narrow margin of .004. However, Funny got the only save through Aardsma, giving them victory. On offense, Bourn (Boys) had seven R + seven SB; Reynolds (Funny) had three HR + 11 RBI.

Moving on Uptons 4, AZ SnakePit 6
Uptons can feel unlucky: they lost W by one, RBI by two and WHIP by .005. Still, they only hit .202: Lopez had a HR and six RBI; Youkilis one and five RBI for Snake, who also got five SB from Cruz. Capps (Uptons) and Qualls (Snake) each posted a trio of saves.

Lady Gaga Regatta 5, Blonde Streaks 5
The week's third contest saw Regatta hit .317: Blake homered twice, and he + Cabrera each drove in eight runs. Morales had three homers and 10 RBI for Blonde. They also took four of five pitching categories, with a 2.21 ERA. Danks was their ace (2 W, 14 K).

warlords 3, The Fighting Amish 5
With Wins and Saves ending tied, it was Amish's sweep elsewhere on the mound which was decisive. A 1.44 ERA and 1.06 WHIP proved enough, with Nolasco getting a W and nine K's. war fought back in hitting, where Gonzalez had four HR, but fell short in the end.


The Fighting Amish 19 8 3 0.683 0
Sofa King Juiced 19 10 1 0.650 1
Moving on Uptons 17 12 1 0.583 3
Baked 16 12 2 0.567 3.5
Blonde Streaks 17 13 0 0.567 3.5
AZ SnakePit 16 13 1 0.550 4
warlords 14 13 3 0.517 5
Lady Gaga Regatta 14 15 1 0.483 6
NiceCrispyBacon 13 16 1 0.450 7
Funny Team Name 12 15 3 0.450 7
7-2 Offsuiters 13 17 0 0.433 7.5
Balco's Boys 12 17 1 0.417 8
Confederate Generals 10 19 1 0.350 10
Shoryukens! 8 20 2 0.300 11.5

Week 4 Games

The Fighting Amish at Baked
AZ SnakePit at Balco's Boys
warlords at 7-2 Offsuiters
Blonde Streaks at Sofa King Juiced
NiceCrispyBacon at Moving on Uptons
Shoryukens! at Lady Gaga Regatta
Funny Team Name at Confederate Generals

Table-toppers The Fighting Amish take on fourth-placed Baked in the MLB Network Game of the Week. Amish continue to lean heavily on their pitching staff, who are a collective 13-1 with eight saves, behind Ubaldo Jimenez. However, Baked have ten wins and eleven saves to their name, and the .357-hitting Pablo Sandoval on offense.

Division 2 will follow here later!

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