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SnakeBytes: April 26, 2010

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Mark Reynolds after hitting his seventh homerun of 2010.
Mark Reynolds after hitting his seventh homerun of 2010.

Unfortunately, I missed yesterday's game due to work, but this morning's links are full of happy (and the requisite oh noez the bullpen story).

First, recaps of yesterday's game.


After the jump, previews of the upcoming series, some player news, a minor league victory over the Dodgers, and some drama in the Dominican.


  • [] Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies
    D-Backs ace Dan Haren is off to a strange start. So far, he's been better at the plate than on the mound. "I'm sure he's itching and ready to go," D-backs manager AJ Hinch said. "You kind of put Haren on the back burner and let him do his thing, and wait for his day to come."
  • [] Phils stumble to loss in Arizona
    Like Hamels two nights before him, Kendrick was undone by a five-run inning. After firing four shutout innings and taking a 3-0 lead into the fifth, Kendrick watched Arizona bat around, plus one, and score all five runs on two long balls.
  • [] Diamondbacks-Rockies Preview
    Still with heavy hearts following Sunday's Coors Field memorial service for McGregor, the Rockies will try to match a season-high three game winning streak Monday when they host the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • [] Arizona Diamondbacks' 11-game road trip looms large
    The Diamondbacks have some confidence going after beating the Phillies. Closer Chad Qualls, according to HInch, has noticeably picked up his velocity and is letting his pitches fly. And center fielder Chris Young, who had a year to forget last season, already has 16 RBIs. "I'm not complaining," Young said. "Everybody's doing well right now. Hopefully, we keep it going and take it with us on the road trip."
Team and Player News
  • [] Diamondbacks notebook: It’s early but…
    Our requisite bullpen sucks link for the day. (And surprisingly, the only one I found today)
  • [] Arizona Diamondbacks' Leo Rosales brings consistency to bullpen
    "I'm a little more aggressive, I'm competing a little bit more," Rosales said. "This is my third year here. I think it's time to step up a little bit, challenge myself and see what happens...So far, so good. I don't want to get ahead of myself or anything, but it's a good start, and I want to try and continue it."
  • [] Former Brave Johnson raising his game in Arizona
    The former Braves second baseman has seven homers this season. In 17 games with the Diamondbacks, he has one fewer home run than he had in 106 games (8) with the Braves last season.
    Personally, I'm absolutely thrilled with how this pick up has gone for us so far.
  • [] Upton leaves game after fouling ball off leg
    In the bottom of the fifth, Upton swung at a 1-0 offering from Kyle Kendrick and appeared to foul it off his left ankle. While the team said he had a shin bruise and manager AJ Hinch said it hit the foot, Upton said he hit "the top of the foot, ankle area." Upton hit a ball off the same spot Saturday. "You do that two nights in a row and you're going to feel it," Upton said.