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Snake Bytes: April 11th, 2010 - Montero and Webb injury news

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Last night's defeat by the Pirates proved troublesome for Arizona in more than one way, with catcher Miguel Montero being taken out of the game after jarring his knee early on. He's scheduled to have an MRI on it as a result: there's more information on that, countered with some hopefully hopeful news about Webb, recaps of yesterday's defeat, and the usual smorgasbord of bits and pieces. I think, we'll start with the injury updates, and leave the recaps to last, since this is not a game of which we want to be reminded.

End of the trip to Scotland today: taking the night train to London this evening, but will be rattling around Heathrow Airport for a good six hours tomorrow, so the odds are good that we'll be seeking ways to amuse ourselves from there!

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