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Gameday Thread: Into the Valley of Wine 'n' Cheese

Going forward, I'll only be doing threads for games which are being broadcast in some way. As Muu pointed out, yesterday's game largely turned into a monologue by me, and when I am getting sick of the sound of my own (virtual) voice, you know it's time for a change. That basically means only the weekend games (which are broadcast on KTAR) and the televised contests (the first one of which is March 10th) will get a thread. Life's too short.

Today is, in some ways, a trial run for next year when the Diamondbacks will be just down the road themselves, at their new facility. That however, is really "Scottsdale" only in name. Today finds us just down the road from the likes of Axis/Radius, so if the Giants score a run, you'll hear not applause but, to steal a quote from John Lennon, the rattling of jewelry. What? You mean they actually let anyone into the games? Sheesh. Standards have clearly dropped since we left the city.

Lineup 'n' stuff after the jump.

  1. Stephen Drew SS
  2. Chris Young CF
  3. Conor Jackson LF
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Jeff Bailey 1B
  7. Kelly Johnson 2B
  8. Cole Gillespie RF
  9. Edwin Jackson RHP

Jackson is scheduled to be followed to the mound by Bryan Augenstein, Kyler Newby, Jose Marte, Roque Mercedes, Blaine Boyer and Juan Gutierrez. Non-roster guy Jeff Bailey gets the start at 1B today and Gillespie's 2-for-2 yesterday may play into giving him another chance this afternoon. Not much more to talk about this morning - largely got it all covered last night. One interesting piece on the "joys" of being a baseball beat writer, which Nick Piecoro linked to from his blog (without comment!). Here's the section describing what it's like:

Today the baseball beat is, in some ways, a nightmare assignment. As soon as the game ends around 11 o’clock, the writer must dash to the clubhouse to gather quotes on deadline. He is still writing when the team boards its flight to the next city, so he has to make his own travel arrangements and schlep his own bags. His game story in the next morning’s paper is not news to most fans; they already know the final score and have seen the highlights and the players’ comments on television or online. The players he covers are often multimillionaire narcissists who fear and despise the "gotcha" media mentality that their agents have warned them about.

It reminds of the infamous (and R-rated) quote from Hunter S. Thompson about writing. "I've always considered writing the most hateful kind of work. I suspect it's a bit like fucking — which is fun only for amateurs. Old whores don't do much giggling. Nothing is fun when you have to do it — over and over, again and again — or else you'll be evicted." It's why I never actively pursued the pen as a career; much better if you can just do it as a hobby, when you want. Well, to a certain extent: recapping 100-odd games a season can certainly take the giggle out of baseball, especially in a season like 2009.

Still, for the moment - and despite us being 0-2 - it remains a pleasure and not a chore. Be nice to get the first win under out belts this afternoon, especially going up against a divisional rival. Please join me. I don't want another monologue again!