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Gameday Thread: 3/24 vs. White Sox

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I trust everyone is fully refreshed after the off-day on Tuesday, and today's game is being shown on the MLB Network this afternoon, so that means you get a Gameday Thread. It's getting to the stage where the everyday starters seem to be fairly set, though there is still tinkering with the batting order going on - CoJack or Drew lead-off? Nick Piecoro reckons the Opening Day roster is "nearly set" - interestingly, he reckons Rodrigo Lopez may have beat out Billy Buckner and be the #4 in the rotation until Brandon Webb returns. An eighth reliever, probably Clay Zavada, will be carried until April 17th, according to Piecoro.

Line-up and stuff after the jump as usual.

  1. Chris Young CF
  2. Ryan Roberts LF
  3. Stephen Drew SS
  4. Justin Upton RF
  5. Jeff Bailey 1B
  6. Kelly Johnson 2B
  7. Chris Snyder DH
  8. John Hester C
  9. Augie Ojeda 3B
    Billy Buckner RHP

While the everyday starters may be set, you won't be seeing many of them this afternoon. No CoJack, Snydes, Special K or Hoffman (work that one out for yourself). Buckner needs to perform a good deal better,:as noted above, it seems he has dropped down the rotational depth-chart behind Rodrigo Lopez, which would probably mean he starts the season enjoying the buffet at Reno.