Trade talks: Augie Ojeda to the Rangers?


Though I've not seen anything formal, DBBP's The Shadow - who has proven fairly reliable before - is reporting the Rangers "are calling" about Augie Ojeda again. This was something previously mooted, but it was decided that Ojeda's versatility was more valuable for us. However, that was before Tony Abreu showed he appears to be an credible back-up at short, and likely provides better offensive power than Ojeda. That, and the wobbly nature of some of our pitching, suggests deal potential may be higher now. The Rangers also lack depth at catcher, so perhaps Chris Snyder might become part of that trade? It's all speculation for now, however, and there's no evidence talks have progressed any further than said "calling". For the moment, Rockkstarr13 can hold off on forming a mob with torches. But between that and the Bonser rumors mentioned by Pygalgia, the 25-man roster may not be as set as it seemed entering spring training.