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Gameday Thread: 3/21 vs.Giants SpringTrainingFestApaloozaThon

Since I think many of the usual suspects will be down at Tucson Electric Park this afternoon, tailgating and game-watching, I do not know how many comments this will get. It might just be me through Mrs. SnakePit's phone. But there should be occasional game updates inside... We'll be in the parking lot from 11am, as close to the main gate as possible. Look for the blue PT cruiser with the obvious number-plate!

Lineup after the jump...

  1. Conor Jackson/LF
  2. Stephen Drew/SS
  3. Justin Upton/RF
  4. Adam LaRoche/1B
  5. Mark Reynolds/3B
  6. Kelly Johnson/2B
  7. Miguel Montero/C
  8. Chris Young/CF
  9. Edwin Jackson/RHP

Again, looks close to the starting eight for us, though the look this time is different, with Jackson and Drew flip-flopped at the top. And with that, hit the road!