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Gameday Thread: 3/17 vs. Angels

With this afternoon's game being broadcast on the MLB Network, it's time to boot up the Gameday Thread and see what ensues. Be hoping for a better pitching performance from Kennedy than we got from our other new arrival yesterday. We beat the Angels 4-1 last Thursday, Jackson and a posse of relievers holding them to six hits in Tucson, so a repeat of that would be fine. I wouldn't mind a brawl too, what with this being on national television 'n' all - might solidify our hardcore credentials.

Lineup after the jump, first pitch a little after 1pm, Arizona time.

  1. Stephen Drew SS
  2. Conor Jackson LF
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Adam LaRoche 1B
  5. Mark Reynolds 3B
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Kelly Johnson 2B
  8. Chris Young CF
  9. Chris Snyder DH
    Ian Kennedy, T.J. Beam, Josh Ellis, Leo Rosales, Aaron Heilman and Jordan Norberto

One wonders how close this might be to the Opening Day line-up for Arizona - obviously, without the DH [though it'd be nice if the Padres let us use that - not that we should need the added help].