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2007 draft review

Today we're looking at the Diamondbacks 2007 draft. What follows after the jump is a table with each player's draft position, name, a link to their player page on b-ref, along with their BA/OBP/SLG or their ERA and FIPS from each year since they've been drafted. After the table Jim, IHSB and I will each give our respective opinions of the draft.

Rnd OvPck Name (link to b-ref) Pos 2007 BA/OBP/SLG
or ERA/FIPS (Level)
Or ERA/FIPS (Level)
or ERA/FIPs (Level)
1 9 Jarrod Parker (minors) RHP Did not Play, Signed Late
3.44 ERA/3.12 FIP (A)
0.95 ERA/1.62 FIP (A+)
3.68 ERA/3.21 FIP (AA)
1s 50 *Wes Roemer (minors) RHP 4.50 ERA/2.03 FIP (A-) 4.59 ERA/4.53 FIP (A+) 2.05 ERA/3.40 FIP (A+)
4.28 ERA/4.16 FIP (AA)
1s 61 *Ed Easley C 250/319/419 (A-) 247/313/336 (A+) 228/324/304 (A+)
2 73 Barry Enright (minors) RHP 0 Era across three levels,
1.13/2.20/2.80 FIP
4.44 ERA/3.52 FIP (A+) 3.98 ERA/4.00 FIP (AA)
3 103 Reynaldo Navarro (minors) SS 250/274/283 (R) 258/323/385 (R) 262/308/339 (A)
4 133 Sean Morgan (minors) RHP 5.46 ERA/4.24 FIP A- 4.76 ERA/4.94 FIP A- 4.19 ERA/4.15 FIP (A)
5 163 Tyrell Worthington (minors) OF 135/238/189 (R) 143/255/183 (R) 204/264/274 (A-)
7 223 Bryan Augenstein RHP 3.38 ERA/4.18 FIP (R) 2.16 ERA/2.23 FIP (A)
3.89 ERA/3.72 FIP (A+)
0.99 ERA/2.15 FIP (AA)
5.50 ERA/2.98 FIP (AAA)
7.94 ERA/5.33 FIP (MLB)
8 253 Taylor Harbin (minors) 2B 276/341/477 (R)
214/214/286 (14 abs in A)
276/314/414 (A) 259/305/401 (A+)
381/435/619 (21 ABS IN AAA)
9 283 Mark Hallberg (minors) SS 313/384/464 (A-) 283/357/368 (A+) 257/325/323 (AA)
10 313 Evan Frey (minors) OF 309/384/390 (A-) 327/401/417 (A)
297/399/402 (A+)
267/348/338 (AA)
11 343 Josh Ellis (minors) RHP 6.50 ERA/4.09 FIP (R) 2.40 ERA/2.87 FIP (A+)
0.00 ERA/0.53 FIP (3IP IN AAA)
1.94 ERA/2.29 FIP (AA)
7.91 ERA/3.15 FIP (AAA)
12 373 Bryan Henry (minors) RHP 5.28 ERA/5.58 FIP (R) 3.10 ERA/4.36 FIP (A) 3.15 ERA/3.04 (A+)
13 403 Sean Coughlin (minors) C 245/349/397 (R) 240/341/430 (A) 260/333/442 (A+)
304/432/484 (AA)
15 463 Josh Collmenter (minors) RHP 2.71 ERA/3.31 FIP (A-) 3.41 ERA/3.32 FIP (A) 4.15 ERA/3.12 FIP (A+)
16 493 Mike Mee (minors) OF 304/399/366 (A-) 299/406/362 (A)
267/394/374 (A+)
Did not play/Out of baseball?
17 523 Chance Wheeless (minors) 1B 217/326/348 (R) 341/420/477 (A-) 191/299/326 (A)
20 613 Pete Clifford (minors) OF 280/378/508 (R) 282/385/458 (A+) 236/293/321 (AA)
21 643 Anthony Smith (minors) OF 298/353/450 (R)
000/083/000 (11ABS In A-)
241/306/377 (A-)
212/333/242 (A)
Appeared in 7 games, did not bat
22 673 Ty Davis (minors) RHP 3.97 ERA/2.74 FIP 14.29 ERA/9.73 FIP (6 games A) Did not play, Injured?
23 703 Ian Harrington (minors) LHP 6.94 ERA/5.41 FIP (A-) 4.12 ERA/3.91 FIP (A-) 3.72ERA/4.44 FIP (A)
24 733 Luke Prihoda (minors) RHP
released and signed with the yankees
25 763 Billy Spottiswood (minors) RHP 2.49 ERA/2.48 FIP (A-) 2.11 ERA/2.39 FIP (A) 4.54 ERA/3.63 FIP A+
4.28 ERA/5.58 FIP (AAA)
26 793 Tom Layne (minors) LHP 4.63 ERA/3.95 FIP (R) 3.44 ERA/3.58 FIP (A) 2.86 ERA/3.37 FIP (A+)
4.93 ERA/3.78 FIP (AA)
28 853 Evan Scribner (minors) RHP traded to the Padres

29 883 Omar Arif (minors) LHP 4.56 ERA/4.17 FIP (A-) out of baseball out of baseball
30 913 Bill Musselman (minors) c 182/309/208 (R) 242/286/485 (R)
160/222/240 (A)
154/258/154 (A+)
35 1059 Josh Blake (minors) LHP 4.81 ERA/4.37 FIP (R) 9.00ERA/9.20 FIP (R) 9.35 ERA/6.89 (A)
37 1116 Jimmy Principe (minors) OF 239/280/362 (R) 273/382/355 (A-) 153/213/200 (A)
38 1144 Aaron Hanke (minors) OF 245/309/424 (A-) 236/308/442 (A) Did not play
39 1172 Eli Rumler (minors) SS 271/351/372 (R) 226/335/293 (A) 205/289/284 (A+)
132/150/184 (AA)
41 1226 Danny Rosen (minors) RHP 0.93 ERA/4.96 FIP (A-) Did not Play Did Not Play
48 1398 Joe Ayers (minors) SS 198/274/273 (A-) 143/236/224 (A-) Out of baseball

Zephon: The Diamondbacks continued their philosophy of drafting college arms and college bats in 2007, breaking the rule only for three players; Jarrod Parker, Reynaldo Navarro, and Tyrell Worthington. The 2007 draft at first glance is another draft that's not the best, but once you look closer, it's actually pretty decent, once you consider the amount of decent pitching prospects produced. To begin, we drafted our top pitching prospect, Jarrod Parker. Parker would rank pretty high in the list of prospects in the minors if it weren't for his recent TJ surgery. Despite the injury, Parker has top of the rotation stuff, and has drawn comparisons to Tim Lincecum. In addition to Parker, we drafted one of our number 5 starter candidates going into spring training, Bryan Augenstein. Two of the draftees have been traded. Scott Maine was used in a trade that netted us Aaron Heilman, and Evan Scribner was traded for Tony Clark. It's a wait and see on the Heilman trade, but the Scribner-Clark trade looks like we gave up a pretty decent arm for a few months of "club house chemistry."

Then there's solid pitching prospects like Wes Roemer, Barry Enright, Tom Layne, Josh Collmenter, Josh Ellis, Bryan Henry, and Billy Spottiswood. Roemer and Enright are two solid right handed staters that could end up being anywhere from solid bullpen arms to decent number 3-5 starters. Tom Layne looks like a solid lefty starter right now. Collmenter, Ellis, Henry, and Spottiswood could all be solid bullpen arms. Collmenter is a potential breakout candidate going into next year from what I've heard.

Our choice of position players is where we really failed in this draft, as the crop of position players we drafted is pretty weak. In my opinion we wasted a first round supplemental pick on Ed Easely, and a 5th round pick on Tyrell Worthington. It seems like most of the hitting talent in this draft is up the middle, with players like SS Reynaldo Navarro, who's still young and big on tools and promise, but short on results. Navarro is a very slick fielder though, and was rated by BA as the best defensive player in the entire Dbacks farm system. He just needs to learn how to hit. Besides Navarro there's the two second basemen Mark Hallberg and Taylor Harbin. Both are pretty weak prospects at the moment, but are the closest second basemen to the majors we have outside of Tony Abreu and Rusty Ryal. Evan Frey and Pete Clifford are two outfielders you may remember from a prospect smackdown I did a couple years back. How are they doing now? After putting up solid seasons in 2007 and 2008, they both stalled out in AA last year. Clifford is a bit old for his level, so he's not really much of a prospect now, but Frey is still young and has a chance to regain his prospect status.

Then there's catcher/first basemen Sean Coughlin. We liked him so much that we drafted him twice, once in the 42nd round of the 2006 draft, and in the 13th round of this draft. Coughlin has actually turned out pretty well, having posted a 917 OPS in AA last year as a 24 year old. However, Coughlin is in the middle of positional crunch. With the signing of Adam Laroche to play first base, that pushes Brandon Allen back to AAA, which keeps Coughlin in AA, unless Coughlin can play catcher the majority of the time if he's in AAA. In addition, there's the recent influx of position players from the 2009 draft. With guys like Ryan Wheeler, Paul Goldschmidt, Marc Krauss, and Matt Davidson playing a couple levels below him, Coughlin had best maintain his level of hitting, or he's going to find himself without a job.

So looking at the totality of the draft, the Diamondbacks did well in drafting their pitching, but have gotten poor results from the position players they drafted. There's not a lot of high end talent outside of Parker, but there's a lot of serviceable arms, and few good up the middle players. This isn't a great draft, but it's not a flat out terrible draft.

Jim: While I am not an expert on our farm system, nor do I play one on TV, I like to think I have at least heard of most of our top prospects, or at least the ones who are likely to contribute to the team anytime soon. Going by that standard, the 2007 seems, by and large, to be a failure, since more than two and half years later, 1st-round pick Jarrod Parker and short-term member of the 2009 Diamondbacks rotation Bryan Augenstein are the only players to have made more than a ripple in my consciousness. The former just had Tommy John surgery, and the latter basically sucked.

Admittedly, it is still early days in some regards, and it's not as if we missed out on many gems lower in the first-round [though Rick Porcello, at #27, might have been nice]. Only 12 of the 64 players taken in the first round overall have reached the majors, so the lack of impact from our picks is not too surprising. However, of our first ten rounds of picks - thirteen players overall - only two outside of Augenstein have got past Double-A. One of those (Scott Maine) was traded to the Cubs in part-exchange for Aaron Heilman, and the other, infielder Taylor Harbin, got a six-game cup of coffee in Reno. There just doesn't seem much here to get excited about, especially with Parker on the shelf for 2010.

IHSB: First, a promo for the (once again) great stuff from Zephon, who deserves every ounce of credit for putting this (and the 2008 review from a few weeks back) together. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this draft is a lot better than you'd think at first glance. Anytime you have a draft where you net yourself a Jarrod Parker-type prospect is always great, and there's some depth to be found here. Roemer is a back-of-a-rotation type with a slider that will get outs, and Barry Enright will be in AAA next season, and a good year there could feasibly put him in the 2011 major-league rotation, although he needs to recover his '08 rates for this to happen. Reynaldo Navarro is still remarkably young and is a plus defender at shortstop, with a wealth of potential if he can find some strike zone command. Augenstein is better than his '09 numbers in the major leagues say, and will be a top candidate for a 2011 rotation spot if he can stay healthy. Of the remaining guys, there are some tools to work with in Coughlin's bat, Collmenter's changeup, and Layne's versatility. There's also good depth with a some upside in Harbin (needs to lower K's), Hallberg (needs to rediscover bat), Frey (needs to rediscover BABIP), Ellis (needs to have his stuff translate to Reno), Henry (needs to be promoted), Clifford (also needs to rediscover bat), and Spottiswood (needs to prove his AAA numbers weren't a fluke).

Honestly, the only immense disappointment for me is Easley. A pretty big disappointment for a sandwich round pick, but welcome to the Rule 4 Draft, right? They all don't work out and I think what we have left has been performing above expectations. Worthington's flameout is disappointing since he had so much potential, but it wasn't altogether shocking, as he was a boom-or-blowup type prospect to begin with. The low probability made the risk worth the fifth-round pick. Otherwise, it is disappointing in retrospect to see Maine gone since we need the lefties in the bullpen, but the FO is high on Heilman, so we'll have to live with that choice. Similarly, the Evan Scribner trade looks awful, as Scribner has been pretty close to dominant so far in the minors, and it appears that we lost a valuable piece for the suck that is Tony Clark. But, overall, a pretty good draft for Josh Byrnes & Co.