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2010 Diamondbacks Promo Schedule released

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The Diamondbacks have announced their 2010 Promotional and Giveaway schedule, so those manic bobblehead collectors among you can start planning their trips! The players to be bobbled this season are our two All-Stars from last year, Dan Haren and Justin Upton, and Miguel Montero on Hispanic Heritage day, while Greg Schulte get honored for calling his 2,000th game. The final bobblehead is  Luis Gonzales on 90's night, August 7th - which, by happy coincidence is also going to be the second SnakePitFest of the season. The first, June 5th, is Batting Helmet Day - and it appears that one is not just for kids. Woo-hoo!

However, I do note that the number of giveaways per day has been reduced, from the 25,000 typical last season, to only 15,000 this year. I guess that makes sense, and will mean your Justin Upton '09 All-Star Bobblehead will be more valuable, though you will have to get there earlier. Me, I may just have to snag tickets for May 22, and the Diamondacks Garden Gnome Figurine...

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