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The Winter Meetings And Arizona: Rumors and News, Day 2

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Let's review yesterday's check-list, which took a bit of a beating, shall we say:

  • Will a Mark Reynolds trade be completed?
  • Does the signing of Jayson Werth by the Nationals, leave the Red Sox even more interested in Justin Upton?
  • Is Arizona interested in Henry Blanco as a back-up catcher, as Nick Piecoro reported?
  • What will Towers do to fill the numerous empty slots in the bullpen?
  • In particular, who'll be our closer?
  • How will we go about strengthening the bench?

#2 appears to be "no," but I'd never say never where Towers is concerned. The one question I didn't put on the list was first-base, where it's still uncertain whether Juan Miranda and Brandon Allen are going to be the final answer for the team in 2011. As yesterday, we'll update this thread with all the rumors deemed fit to print: at least, until a bigger story crops up! [Updated: 5:15 pm]

(Mercifully?) it's quiet this morning. Or maybe it's just the calm before the storm...

  • Jon Morosi says we are among the teams who have checked in on Rich Harden, but there's seven listed, so we've probably had to take a number. "Some like him as a starter. Some like him as a reliever." [Hat-tip: IHateSouthBend]
  • Nick Piecoro tweets: "Expecting the Dbacks to gauge the trade market for 1B Brandon Allen, who's somewhat redundant now with 1B Juan Miranda in the mix." I'd be happier if they waited until they got a left-fielder, before lobbing Allen under the Towers bus.
  • "Frank McCourt is not the sole owner of the Dodgers, a judge ruled Tuesday, a decision that keeps the team in legal limbo for what might be several more years." -- link. Woo-hoo!
  • Looks like it's Paul Konerk-no. The team "put their best forward" to get the first-baseman, but a source told Jack Magruder "that won't happen," because Konerko wants more money than we can offer.
  • Ken Rosenthal says, "Add Diamondbacks to Matt Diaz frenzy. X. Nady possibility too. Team seems to prefer 1B-LF utility type to full-time option like DLee."
  • Yahoo's Tim Brown tweets: "Jorge Cantu generating interest in San Diego, Seattle, Arizona."
  • Upton's going nowhere. "Trade talks involving the Diamondbacks' 23-year-old right fielder have "just about died," a source familiar with the discussions told While Arizona will still listen, the source said, the club is no longer motivated to trade him because it has begun filling some of the holes it would have plugged by dealing Upton." [Hat-tip: dbacks25]
  • Jack Magruder reports the team "have talked w/ C Henry Blanco's camp, but Blanco not expected to make decision at winter meetings.".
  • Update from Nick P: "Now hearing Dbacks have better chance of trading Gerardo Parra than Brandon Allen. Not sure on likelihood of either, though." He adds the team are "awaiting word on offer to LHP Mike Hampton; Towers to meet with Hampton's agent tomorrow morning."
  • Jack follows up, "OF Gerardo Parra has a market, D-Backs have learned, and could be moved to help balance a lineup that skews left." Parra has a market? [Sarcasm restrained...for now]