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AZ SnakePit Round Table: Open Thread

I don't know what I was thinking, but in a moment of Christmas-induced madness (or, at least Christmas special of Dr. Who-induced madness), I freed the writers and editors from the dungeons in which they toil away, and gave them the week off the round table. It's an actual physical round table, with chains and manacles. Surprising what you can find at Ikea. However, that just means you lot have to step up and fill in for them. So, after the jump, you'll find this week's set of ten questions. Answers are expected, in iambic pentameter form, from each and every one of you or...there will be trouble.

Typing fingers at the ready? No copying from the person next to you, and your time starts... Now...

  1. So, how was your Christmas?
  2. What do you think of the Diamondbacks winter makeover?
  3. Looks like we're done, but any areas you would still be happier seeing addressed?
  4. What one unsung player in the league would you take in a heartbeat and why?
  5. Which other franchises do you think make the best model for Arizona?
  6. Who is your favorite current Diamondback player, and why?
  7. Predict the 2011 NL West finishing order, based on the teams right now.
  8. What is the your barometer of success for the D-backs in the coming season? ("I will judge next season successful if ________ happens.")
  9. When will we next make the playoffs?
  10. What are the best and worst things about being a baseball fan in Arizona?