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SnakeBytes, 12/23: Christmas Eve Eve Edition

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As we patiently wait for the last installment of IHSB's Prospect Countdown (I think Tron only just had a bigger gap between parts...), here are some bits and pieces of team, player and baseball news to keep you going as we hurtle towards the festivities. And video of a really good basebrawl from South of the Border. Because Latinos are hot-headed like that.

Team News

  • [] D-backs sell Ryal to Yomiuri Giants - Not really a surprise here. One interesting sidelight: "Ryal is no stranger to the idea of playing in Japan. His father, Mark, played for the Chunichi Dragons for two seasons in the early 1990s." Continuing the stereotypes, is it racist of me to wonder how they'll cope with saying his name?
  • [AZCentral] Joe Garagiola praises doctor who came through - Why we didn't see much of Joe last year. "Garagiola first noticed his vision was going in his left eye. Cataract surgery was supposed to clear things up. But it didn't. That's when his doctor ordered magnetic resonance imaging. Those pictures showed a meningioma, a benign tumor. It was about the size of a golf ball. The immediate problem was that it was growing right around Garagiola's optic nerves. It was also getting dangerously close to his carotid artery."
  • [] Newest D-backs deals have flexibility - "The D-backs do include clauses that allow for players to earn more money or allow for them to receive their release if they are not in the big leagues and have opportunities elsewhere." The "no-incentives" policy seems to be a bit looser these days. Steve Gilbert has the details of our winter signings.

Former D-backs on the Move

Around Baseball