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SnakeBytes, 12/2: Mo Money, Mo' Problems?

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Jetercarddbacks_mediumAnother piece of the puzzle which is the 2011 Diamondbacks appears to have fallen into place, with the signing of Wily Mo Pena to a split contract. Chit chat on this, non-tenders, and the inevitable Justin Upton trade rumors are below and/or after the jump. As well as an explanation for why Derek Jeter is sporting Sedona Red.

Team News

  • [] Pena will be in LF mix on minor league deal - "For what it’s worth: I like this pickup, for the same reasons I like the Zach Duke acquisition. They’re both low-risk/no-risk situations and both players have upside. They’ve had success in the majors in the past and the Diamondbacks will see if either guy can return to form."
  • [] D-backs pondering contract tenders for eight - "If the D-backs do not tender contracts to these players, they become free agents. If they do tender them contracts, they are considered signed players and the D-backs will have to agree to contract terms with them or go through the salary-arbitration process with them in February." Surprised Blaine Boyer and D.J.Carrasco look likely to be non-tendered...but that's may be what happened, as noted by blue bulldog already, though we're still awaiting confirmation.
  • [azcentral] Arb updates on Duke, Carrasco - "As of early this afternoon, the indications weren’t encouraging on the Zach Duke front. It appears the sides aren’t close to reaching an agreement. "

Non-Diamondbacks news

  • [] Jamie Moyer undergoes Tommy John surgery - He plans to attempt a comeback in 2012 at age 49. If he makes it, he'd be the oldest man to start since Satchel Paige's one-game stunt comeback in 1965, and the oldest to pitch since Hoyt Wilhelm in 1972. Those two and Jack Quinn are the only three in MLB history to pitch past their 49th birthday.
  • [] Stimulant exemptions in MLB virtually unchanged - 105 exemptions were granted for otherwise-banned stimulants in 2010 because of ADHD. "My reaction is the same as last year and the year before that," said Dr. Gary Wadler, chairman of the committee that determines the banned substances list for the World Anti-Doping Agency. "It seems to me almost incomprehensible that ADHD is so pervasive in baseball to a degree that it requires medicine." 105 does seem a lot...
  • [] Dodgers face deadline decision on Russell Martin - "Coming off a broken hip, another down season offensively and figures to earn $6 million through the arbitration process if he is tendered a contract, which is why the Dodgers probably won't tender him a contract by Thursday's deadline." How times have changed in LA...
  • [MLB] Bucs release Indian TV contestant Patel - "Pittsburgh released right-hander Dinesh Patel, one of two pitchers who were discovered in an Indian reality TV show and then signed by the Pirates in 2008... Rinku Singh, the winner of the "Million Dollar Arm" contest, still remains with the organization."
  • [ESPN New York] Dressed as elf, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman to rappel 22 stories - "Cashman is scheduled to rappel from the 350-foot Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn., Friday and Sunday as part of the Stamford's Heights and Lights event as a celebrity guest elf." Sheesh, Derek Jeter is really negotiating hard with the Yankees...

And speaking of which, credit for the picture on top of the article to The Beckett Blog, which mocked up baseball cards showing Derek Jeter in uniforms of all the major-league teams. Y'know, just in case... :-) Though even the mere thought of Jeter in an Arizona uniform makes me want to throw-up.