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SnakeBytes, 11/26: All Leftovers, All The Time

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I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and even as we speak, are picking your way through the skeletal remains of yesterday's turkey. Or, in my case, honey-baked ham. This week's bonus edition of SnakeBytes is, perhaps surprisingly, not entirely dominated by Justin Upton news. However, there is still plenty of that to go around, though the "Upton and Drew to the Mets for Beltran and Reyes" rumor has been consigned to the garbage-can, since it was clearly off. We'll start with the somewhat more reliable Upton news, so pass your plate...

Your Daily Weekly Upton

  • [] Towers: Nothing new on Upton trade front - "I think he'll probably be here on Opening Day," said D-backs team president/CEO Derrick Hall. Kevin Towers said he hopes to have the process completed early next month. "I would say before the end of the Winter Meetings we should know. We're kind of walking through this thing slowly right now. If we are overwhelmed in a deal, great. If not, the fallback is we still have Justin Upton on our team, and that's a good thing."
  • [] Time to up the ante with Upton - "The same way he wined and dined Curt Schilling seven years ago, he needs to sweet talk Towers until he agrees to send Justin Upton to the Red Sox. Pass the stuffing and Jacoby Ellsbury to Towers. Ask him if he wants dark meat, white meat or Daniel Bard. Whatever it takes before the Diamondbacks come to their senses about dealing Upton."
  • [Green Valley News & Sun] Upton is a budding superstar, not trade bait - "Nearly all trades are made for one of three reasons: To save money, to give a player a chance to start over, or as a rental. A potential Upton deal fits none of these categories. Upton is far too valuable to consider trading; he could repeat his disappointing 2010 season over the next five years and still be worth far more than the money he is scheduled to receive."

Other D-backs news

Everything else...