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SnakeBytes: 11/18: All Justin Upton Trade Rumors, All The Time...

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Justin Upton drives in another run. Will we ever see this again in an Arizona uniform?
Justin Upton drives in another run. Will we ever see this again in an Arizona uniform?

This could be my last action before going off-grid, as the move to SnakePit Towers 2.0 gathers steam, and Cox could disconnect Towers 1.0 at any moment. It's possible I'll come back to find "Uptown" in Phoenix as much a vestige of the past as "Mannywood" is in LA. After the jump, there's a selection of the latest stories on the gossip swirling around our mercurial right-fielder - and also some other stuff. Yeah, I lied about the "all the time" bit.

Your Daily Upton

  • [FOX Sports] Red Sox trade talks stalled on Justin Upton - "Another unspecified team made a strong push... and roughly half of the 30 clubs have expressed interest. The Diamondbacks are making it clear to potential suitors they intend to "win" any trade involving Upton... An official from one interested club said the D-Backs want four top prospects for Upton. The Yankees, among other teams, are balking at that price."
  • [HardballTalk] The Diamondbacks want to "win" any Justin Upton trade. What does that mean? - "This sort of thing is merely P.R. signaling by someone. Either the Diamondbacks, trying to calm fans who are worried...or other teams who want to have an excuse ready for fans when they do not land Upton."
  • [NY Daily News] Trade talks for Arizona's Justin Upton heating up - "The Diamondbacks "will listen to offers, but are not looking to trade him," one baseball official said. Prying loose Upton, the top pick of the 2005 draft and the brother of Tampa Bay's B.J. Upton, would require several major-league players, not simply prospects, the official said."
  • [] Red Sox still talking Justin Upton; Yankees fall short - "While the Yankees' package has not met the Diamondbacks' demands, according to officials from New York and Arizona, the Red Sox still are engaged in talks. "If somebody wants to overpay,'' Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers said, "I'll be more than willing to listen. It's just a thing where people are kicking the tires right now. That's it.''"
  • [Purple Row] Rockies look into Justin Upton and Gavin Floyd - Purple Row - "The cost in trade for Upton would be steep... I'd never want to see the Rockies trade more than three players or prospects for any one MLB player and that I'd only go up to three for a select few, but Upton might be the exception. Playing armchair GM, I'd try and keep Jhoulys Chacin and Wil Rosario off limits (or maybe include one of the two in a four for one deal) but otherwise, I'd be very flexible for somebody of his caliber."
  • Jon Heyman on Twitter: "Dbacks determined not to trade Justin Upton in division. Not that any of those teams but champion SF Giants can afford him."

Non-Upton related D-backs news

  • [] Inbox: New blood for D-backs - Steve Gilbert discusses Kevin Towers, the bullpen and Kirk Gibson, saying the last-named "earned the opportunity to get a chance to have a full Spring Training to implement his program. I think once he's gotten the chance to do that, we will be able to more fairly evaluate his abilities as manager." I think we said the same about AJ Hinch at this time last year...
  • [ESPN] Kevin Towers: Diamondbacks are unlikely to go after free agent Paul Konerko - "Paul grew up in the valley," Towers said. "However, I haven't had any discussions with Paul or his agent. He's a great player coming off a great, great year... You never want to say never, but we're probably going to address pitching and our bullpen right now."
  • [Diary of a Diehard] Drew Snubbed By Gold Glove Voters - "As you read the stories and reports surrounding the Gold Glove winnings a trend emerged. Almost always the discussion included a player’s offensive statistics. For whatever reason, Gold Glove voters take into consideration a player’s offensive statistics when awarding a defensive award."
  • [Hardball Talk] Rico Brogna quits as Diamondbacks farm director - "Three weeks ago the Diamondbacks promoted Rico Brogna to director of player development as part of their front office housecleaning, but [on Monday] the former big-league first baseman quit the job. Mike Bell will replace Brogna after serving as the Diamondbacks’ minor league field coordinator this season." Hmm. Wonder what happened there?

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