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Playoffs, Day 2

In the absence of SnakeBytes, here's the open thread for Day Two of the Post-season. So far, Chad Qualls has been living up to our expectations for the Rays...

- C. Qualls relieved J. Shields
- M. Young homered to deep center, J. Borbon and E. Andrus scored
- J. Hamilton singled to right
- V. Guerrero grounded into fielder's choice, J. Hamilton out at second
- N. Cruz singled to shallow right, V. Guerrero to third
- I. Kinsler singled to left, V. Guerrero scored, N. Cruz to second
- R. Choate relieved C. Qualls

That'd be 0.1 IP, four hits, two ER for Qualls, and he's responsible for the two men on base. Comments on this, and the other games today, are welcome.