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SnakeBytes, 10/6: Division Series Edition

Okay, so I lied. I made it almost two days without feeling the urge to do a SnakeBytes- well, almost 24 hours without the urge, but nearly two whole days before I gave in. But just because our boys are sitting at home doesn't mean we don't have baseball. Baseball, people! The playoffs! I can't just let that go! So here's a slew of links prepping you for the division series.

Playoff Previews:

Here's how we do it, folks- a link looking at the series, and then one from each team's home town press.





Around Baseball:

Our first playoff game starts in about ten or fifteen minutes, so if you've got the afternoon free, or can hide it well enough from your boss, let's see some playoff baseball. Feel free to talk about the games, who you're cheering for, and who's playing well in the comments.

Unless you're cheering for the Yankees. Then just best to pretend otherwise.