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SnakeBytes, 10/3: And, finally...

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Almost there, folks. The death-rattle of the 2010 season for Arizona is making its way up the throat, and right now, is just about to pass, oh, that dangly thing that hangs from the back. Of course, there is still a lot to play for - remarkably, the Padres and GIants could both be spraying champagne around their clubhouses following their face-off this afternoon, depending on what happens. We'll get to that a bit later, after a quick prod of last night's corpse.


  • [Yahoo!] Billingsley pitches Dodgers past Diamondbacks 3-2 - Well, I was assured we got someone who "has been one of the winners," but Saunders finishes with a 9-17 record, the most losses in the majors this year. He can at least quote Nietzsche: "I think I've obviously pitched better than my record shows. But it's one of those things where it humbles you and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
  • [] Saunders takes tough-luck loss vs. Dodgers - A rare error by center fielder Chris Young led to another run for the Dodgers. "I was watching it," Young said. "I just whiffed it. I don't know what happened. I really have no explanation. I should have caught it. It was a routine catch."
  • [AZCentral] Gibson: Changes must be made - "Some things need to change. And you're probably thinking I mean just personnel. I'm just saying everything. Like our mentality, the way we play the game. We've got to re-set our goals, find our identity, and figure out who we are."

Team News and Notes

Around baseball

  • [] Game 162, too good to be through? - "It took 161 games to set up the dominos. Sunday is the day they get knocked down. None of the first-round playoff matchups are set as the season hits its final day." This is what might happen and, who goes where on Monday as a result.
  • [SI] Padres Don’t Stop Believin’ - Joe Posnanski points out., "it probably would be to the Phillies advantage to lose to the Braves Sunday. If they lose, there’s a chance for this three-team, two-game playoff, which could utterly wreck the rotation of the team facing the Phillies in the playoffs."
  • [] Ken Burns' latest documentary includes a few whiffs - "The film's narrative thread ties together such iconic (that is, moneyed) teams as the Yankees and Red Sox. There is little in it about the Twins' dynasty on a shoestring, or the Indians of 2007, or Tampa Bay. There is a lot about the plucky big-market underachievers from Boston." I've got it Tivo'd, so will get a review done next week, but anyone else see it?
  • [Seattle News Tribune] M’s most miserable? Maybe - Things could be worse. We could be Seattle fans... "Eager as I am to close the book on the 2010 Seattle Mariners -- the book's tentative title: "No Runs, No Hits, But More Pink Slips Distributed Than The Female Dancers Got For The Gymnasium Dance Scenes In Grease'" 
  • [] Florida just isn't the right fit for regular-season baseball - Or Florida... "Can we now concede that Major League Baseball, with the best of intentions but the worst possible business plan, made a terrible mistake by coming to Florida and putting two teams in the wrong markets? Can we just admit that Florida, while it affectionately embraces spring training, doesn’t care enough about baseball to support a big-league franchise?"