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Gameday Thread, #162: 10/3 vs. Dodgers


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 7-15, 5.03


Ted Lilly
LHP, 9-12, 3.71

You expected, perhaps, something different?

Tankapalooza 2010 Standings

Rk Tm W L W% GB
1 Pirates 57 104 .354 -
2 Mariners 61 100 .379 4
3 D-backs 65 96 .404 8
4 Orioles 66 95 .410 9
5 Royals 67 94 .416 10
6 Nationals 68 93 .422 11

The worst the Diamondbacks can now do is fourth in Tankapalooza, and that would take victory today, coupled with an Orioles defeat in Baltimore (they win the tiebreaker, with the worse 2009 record]. Otherwise, the #3 pick is all ours, baby! And who better to start in that cause, than Rodrigo Lopez. If he gets the L today, it'd be his sixteenth of the year, tying him with Brandon Webb's 2004 for the most in franchise history - both will have gone 7-16 in their respective seasons. But it's not quite a foregone conclusion, since Lilly is 2-4 in six regular-season starts against Arizona - as well as that marvelous game in the 2007 NLDS. So losing won't be easy today...

It's unnamedDbacksfan on the guest recap this afternoon, who gets to document the last push. We won't be about as we're helping on a stall over at the Tempe Oktoberfest - by the time you see this, we'll already be there, hence the lack of a starting line-up. [I trust 'charmer or 'Skins can do the needful with respect to the Fanpost recap] I suspect interest may well be somewhat diverted to the Giants, Padres and Braves situation, which is potentially quite epic. Here's to a three-way playoff, since I'm not at work Monday and Tuesday. But with that, though there'll be plenty more over the winter, I write my last words for the 2010 Diamondbacks season...

Game Called — and silence settles on the plain.
Where is the crash of ash against the sphere?
Where is the mighty music, the refrain
That once brought joy to every waiting ear?
The Big Guy’s left us lonely in the dark
Forever waiting for the flaming spark.
Game Called, by Grantland Yates

Or, if you want something perhaps more relevant to our year...

But there's really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew.
We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end
We were fated to pretend, to pretend...
-- Time to Pretend, by MGMT