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SnakeBytes, 10/25: The Lull Edition

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So, Rangers versus the Giants. I'm pretty sure I ran that fight in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign last month, but let's get Nolan Ryan over here to roll for initiative, and we'll see how it goes this time.

Meanwhile, we've had a few developments today. As Justin mentioned in a FanShot, the Diamondbacks hired Don Baylor as their hitting coach. Later in the day, Steve Gilbert said on Twitter that Alan Trammell will be named as our bench coach, though we're still waiting on an article for that. Finally, Nick Piecoro told us Charles Nagy looks to be frontrunner to be our next pitching coach. Nagy was Cleveland's AAA pitching coach last season.

In Other DBacks News:

After the jump, some more news from around sports, as we wait to pass the time between the last LCS game on Saturday, and the first World Series game on Wednesday...

Around Sports:
  • [] Do Giants have edge in 'It'? - An edge in "It." See, this is what happens when you have days between the end of the LCS and the start of the World Series, and sports columnists have to publish something.

  • [] San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers power way to World Series - "The World Series No One Predicted." I like that title.

  • [] Hot-stove season: On your marks... - The start of the World Series means we're getting ready to head into the off-season. Here are some names who might be moving around in the next few months.

  • [] Harry Potter's Game Grows Up - College students playing Quidditch. Uh-huh. And they want to get NCAA status, which "could 'be a stepping stone' to becoming an Olympic sport." Look, guys, I play vintage baseball and made a D&D joke to start off this SnakeBytes, and even I think you're nerds.

  • [] Don’t Blame Ryan Howard - If you watched the NLCS, you probably heard variations on this during the game: "Here’s Ryan Howard, who does not yet have an RBI in the series." Wonder why? Maybe because there weren't many people on base, because Howard was one of the only batters who did much of anything against the Giants pitching. In conclusion, RBIs aren't a very good stat, and Libya is a land of contrast. Thank you.