Opening Day 2015 Roster, Just for Fun

I recently saw the salary commitment for next season on MLB Trade Rumors and saw that most of the commitments are made to two players, Mark Reynolds and Chris Young. With Mark Reynolds likely to be dealt, that leaves us with two players signed long term in Young and Justin Upton with handful of players that will stick around for the next couple years through arbitration. So since this is beginning of the winter as the breeze sets in the valley with absolutely nothing to do, I decided to see what our opening day roster will look like come 2015 with just the players we have. Well, here we go!


Rossmel Perez - Guy's been pretty good this year at Visalia and I think he will end up as a servicable backstop come Montero's free agency years. It's probably true that he won't show as much pop as Montero, but he has good enough offensive tools to be a solid regular for few years. His defense is okay as well.

1st Base

Matt Davidson - I was going to put Paul Goldschmidt here, but I think the two thirdbaseman (by name at least) in Davidson and Bobby Borchering will surpass him in the depth chart by the time 2015 rolls around. Davidson had a breakout season and his power is legitimate. His defense, however, will ultimately move him across the diamond where I have him here.

2nd Base

Michael Freeman - Honestly, I think people will be surprised with this pick, but I think he has what it takes to be a legitimate secondmaseman for this club. Granted, our depth in this position ain't great, but I think at least he is better than David Nick or other competition. He has smooth swing (from what I saw) with good speed and solid glove. He also had a nice debut season this year and I think people will be surprised in what he can do.


Chris Owings - One of the more exciting players in our system to me. He has a good pop and a swing that can generate many hits. His glove is legit and improving. The only knock would be his strikeout to walk ratio but as Mike Berger described (in Nick Piecoro's blog a month ago) he just swings at every good fastball. He played the entire season at age 18 and will only improve.

3rd Base

Bobby Borchering - I've only seen him play twice but both times he impressed. Although one of those games was the one he went hitless, he still generated a lot of opposite field power from both sides and has a nice compact swing. He still needs to improve his pitch selection and defense, but I believe he can be a superstar if all goes right.

Left Field

Marc Krauss - Very typical Adam Dunn like player in my opinion with a little less pop (although he still has plenty.) He is a natural hitter and I think he can hit anywhere from .260 to .280 with 25 plus homerun a season. He has a below average defense but I think his offense will keep him a regular for a while.

Center Field

A.J. Pollock - His display in AFL has been nothing but encouraging and his stats mirror exactly what the scouting reports say; solid contact hitter who can hit balls deep into gaps, good baserunner, and a solid defender. Not a superstar material, but will make one of those love to have on your ball club guys.

Right Field

Justin Upton - Hopefully by this time he will be considered a superstar and we will be looking to extend him.

I also think by this time, Wagner Mateo and Ty Linton will be knocking on the doors to the majors. I know it's long ways ahead, but this gets me excited for the future of this team.