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SnakeBytes, 10/15: League Championship Edition

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Look, I know we all hate the Yankees. But post-season baseball is post-season baseball...
Look, I know we all hate the Yankees. But post-season baseball is post-season baseball...

After a few days off, ladies and gentlemen, we are back to baseball. The Yankees and the Rangers face off this evening in Texas, and we'll see Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum take the mound in Philadelphia tomorrow, in what could be the first game of a pretty good series.

DBacks News:

  • [] D-backs' 2010 organization review - Mike Berger said, regarding our prospects: "Overall, I couldn't be more pleased. We challenged guys out of last year's Draft and jumped them a full level and [they responded]." Berger, why is that name familiar? I know I've heard it somewhere...

  • [] Brogna replaces Berger as farm director - Oh, whoops. Berger will remain with the organization, though- they're putting him in the scouting department, but haven't defined his role there yet. Brogna spent the year managing the Mobile BayBears, our AA affiliate.

  • [] D-backs progress toward filling vacancies - We might hear the names soon. Kevin Towers said "By the end of next week, we may have the Major League coaching staff. I think a lot depends on if we feel comfortable with the group we've talked to or if we want to talk to some others."

  • [] How Would Yu Darvish Look in a Diamondbacks Uniform? - While the rumors of the Diamondbacks making a run at Yu Darvish seem like a longshot, we've got the free time to consider what it might mean. Amit gives us a look at how Darvish has pitched in Japan, and how he might perform in the United States.

After the jump, links for each series, and some other news from around sports.



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