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SnakeBytes, 10/11: Two Down Edition

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Not content with merely scoring the go-ahead run, Freddy Sanchez then sets forth to beat up poor Peter Moylan.
Not content with merely scoring the go-ahead run, Freddy Sanchez then sets forth to beat up poor Peter Moylan.

While yesterday had it's perks- I'm always a fan of a full day of baseball- man, there was just some ugly plays on display there. We saw the Phillies get a clean sweep of the Reds, and saw the Giants get an ugly win from the Braves. At least the Rays pushed the Rangers to game five of their series- who doesn't love win-or-go-home baseball? Though that may well just end up helping out the Yankees more than anyone else...

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  • [] Reds' big bats let them down - Their gloves didn't help much either- the Reds had more errors than runs scored.

  • [] Phillies' fans give lesson in passion - "We have suffered so much for so many years." Yeah, nine seasons above .500 in the past ten years, and winning your division for the past four seasons must be really rough. I mean, sure, the Phillies hold the record for most franchise losses, but that's at least partially because they're playing their 128th season of the game that has the longest regular season of pretty much any sport out there. How many teams have even played as many games as the Phillies have lost?



Only one game today, as the Braves try to hold off elimination against the Giants today. The Giants have decided not to start Lincecum, so they'll put their trust in the arm of Madison Bumgarner, while the Braves will look to Derek Lowe to keep Bobby Cox away from retirement for one more day.

If you've got some time to pass this afternoon, though, you can watch The Simpsons Baseball Edition. The Simpsons + Sabremetrics = An episode that was actually funny. It's amazing! "The only thing I know about strategy is that whatever the manager does is wrong. Unless it works, in which case he's a button pusher." Joe Posnanski went to hang out with Bill James to watch the episode, and wrote a column about it.