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Happy New Year!

All the best for the coming twelve months: may it bring you everything you want, as far as health, happiness and home-runs are concerned. In an attempt to break SB Nation, I'm scheduling this post for midnight on December 31st, as the year changes to 2010. Let's hope this does not expose any kind of Y2K+10 bug, leading to planes falling from the sky, a collapse of civilization as we know it, anarchy in the streets, etc. If it does: sorry. Ten years ago tonight, I was actually on call for the financial institution at which I then worked, ready to run in and repair the carnage as it ensued. Of course, absolutely nothing happened, though I was very well-paid for remaining sober and attentive on New Year's Eve. Truth be told, I was probably neither, but I figured no-one would notice, what with all the planes falling from the sky, etc...

What a difference a decade makes. Then I was single, living in London and my interest in baseball was a tender young shoot, barely breaking through the ground. Now, I am married, inhabit the seventh circle of hell in the summer, and spent far too much time worrying about things I can't control in the slightest. Since then, the Diamondbacks have also won three division titles and gone all the way to become World Series Champions. All told, not a bad decade, and I feel that, while there have inevitably been ups and downs, the decade has been kind to both myself and the team to which I am devoted.

Anyone else care to chime in with their thoughts on the past ten years?