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Gameday Thread, #136: 9/4 vs. Rockies


Dan Haren
RHP, 13-8, 2.78


Jason Hammel
RHP, 8-7, 4.40

On to Coors for the Diamondbacks, and another team with playoff intentions. The Rockies currently occupy the wild-card spot, with a fragile one-game lead over the Giants; the Marlins and Braves are both four games back, so all three chasing teams will be cheering on Arizona this weekend. Hammel has managed to dodge facing Arizona this year, after coming over from the Rays. None of our roster have ever got a hit off him - which would be more of a concern if anyone had more than two PAs....

Dan Haren, on the other hand is quite well known to the Rockies, and they probably won't be pleased to see him, having managed only two runs off him in twenty innings of work this year. However, all three of those starts were before the All-Star break, when Haren was an unstoppable force. He seems to have sprung a bit of a leak since then, but his last couple of outings have got him back on the Quality Start bandwagon. We'll see how he does in the thin air of Coors.


  1. Stephen Drew SS

  2. Ryan Roberts 2B

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Miguel Montero C

  5. Mark Reynolds 3B

  6. Gerardo Parra LF

  7. Brandon Allen 1B

  8. Chris Young CF

  9. Dan Haren RHP

Tonight is also the big charity auction, mentioned here previously. You can bid by phone, or go down to Tempe Marketplace and go for the items there. I'll be heading home at the time this appears, but should be there in time for first pitch. Doubt I'll be keeping wailord from topping the comments, but my tazer is charging...