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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: The Finals, Part 1

The last round of SnakePit Fantasy Baseball for the season has entered the half-way stage - these games last two weeks. Just a quick update on the scores so far.

Championship Tournament
Balco's Boys 3, Shoryukens! 6

Shoryu have the edge at the half-way point, with solid pitching which has given them a 2.27 ERA and 1.09 WHIP so far. Balco's are not outclassed in those categories, but need to get their power game going, with only one home-run in the first week. Still all to play for here.

7-2 Offsuiters 5, The Fighting Amish 5

Nothing to split these two teams at the break. Right now, 7-2 would win the ERA tiebreaker, but neither team has exactly covered themselves in glory on the mound, with ERAs of 5.59 and 8.23 respectively. 7-2 have taken all the pitching categories; Amish the hitting ones.

Consolation tournament
Confederate Generals 3, Kapsaicin Kids 7

Behind a three HR, nine RBI week from Butler, Kids swept hitting to take an edge into the second week. However, the Generals are only one SB and two HR behind, and lead most pitching categories, so can turn things around: Grienke already has two wins and 13 K for them.

Moving on Uptons 6, Baked 4
Uptons have a narrow advantage, and surprisingly, have out-pitched Baked, posting a sub-one WHIP. Baked got six runs and two SB from Pedroia, but Uptons hit back, with Escobar scoring eight. Baked probably need their arms to come through strong in the upcoming week.