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Gameday Thread, #147: 9/16 vs. Padres


Doug Davis
LHP, 7-13, 3.99


Edward Mujica
RHP, 3-4, 3.33

Games until the blessed, merciful end of the season: 16.

Anyone noticed how much better the Diamondbacks have been playing since I started counting down until the end of the season? Well, "better" might be a stretch, since a) they're playing the Padres, likely one of the worst three teams in the National League, and b) they've scored eight runs over two games. But a pair of wins is a pair of wins, and coming into this afternoon's game with a chance of a sweep is not something we've seen often (actually, at all) in September. Be nice to convert the chance and sweep the Padres on their home turf.

Mujica has made only one start this season, pitching four scoreless innings agaist Colorado last Friday. All the other appearances have been out of the bullpen, so I suspect his stamine will likely be short - if he goes more than 80 pitches, I'll be surprised. Might not be a bad thing: while the reputation of the Padres bullpen preceded them, the Diamondbacks hitters have done better off them (five runs in 6.2 innings) than off the starters (only three runs in 12.1 IP). However, at this point, I don't think we really care where the runs come from.

Doug Davis got smacked about something awful his last start, giving up eleven hits and being yanked before getting an out in the fourth. As measure by Game Score it was the =10th-worst start in his career, though still wasn't as bad as the first one after the All-Star break in Colorado. Pitching in Petco should certainly help him, and Davis is certainly due for his share of run-support from the offense. Not holding my breath for that though...


Not seen a line-up yet, and since I'm scheduling this one in advance, probably won't get a chance to update it. I trust some kind editor will fill in the blanks at the appropriate time. [Done!] I'll pop in for lunch and breaks as I get the chance, but I am expecting a fairly-quiet thread today. Azreous on the recap, so that's a win all but guaranteed...

  1. Chris Young - CF
  2. Stephen Drew - SS
  3. Justin Upton - RF
  4. Miguel Montero - C
  5. Mark Reynolds - 3B
  6. Gerardo Parra - LF
  7. Brandon Allen - 1B
  8. Augie Ojeda - 2B
  9. Doug Davis - P