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Gameday Thread, #144: 9/13 vs. Brewers


Chris Narveson
LHP, 1-0, 4.50


Max Scherzer
RHP, 9-9, 4.15

Let's see if our starting pitcher today can avoid allowing five runs by the end of the third, or giving up eleven hits, shall we? For that seems to have posed a bit of a problem in this series so far, with the performances of Davis and Mulvey both falling well short of acceptable. We'll see what Max can do with regard to this, as the Diamondbacks try to avoid losing nine of their last ten games.

Narveson makes his first start in the majors for almost three years. His last came back in September 2006, as a member of the Astros against the Cardinals, when he got a no-decision. Curiously though, both winning and losing pitchers that day are now members of the teams who face off this afternoon: getting the W for Houston was Chad Qualls, while the loser was Braden Looper, who started for Milwaukee on Friday. The Brewers' starter has been a long reliever since returning in late August; his last game was on September 9th, when he went three innings.

Scherzer dominated the Brewers with six shutout innings in the last game of April, though he got a no-decision, thanks to Tom Gordon, who allowed four earned runs while retiring one batter in the seventh. He has given the team seven innings in both of his last two outings, somewhat defusing the suggestion that he might be fatiguing at the end of the season. However, he'll probably pass or be close to 160 innings on the year after this outing, and the team may not want to push him much further - this could conceivably be his final start of 2009, if the team follows the Verducci Rule.


  1. Ryan Roberts LF
  2. Stephen Drew SS
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B
  5. Chris Young CF
  6. Rusty Ryal 2B
  7. John Hester C
  8. Brandon Allen 1B
  9. Max Scherzer P

Facing a left-handed pitcher today, hence the absence of Parra - somewhat surprised to see Montero also missing, since he has been hitting southpaws pretty well, but I guess Hester deserves a shot, and it is a day-game after a night-one. Open call for recappers today, as the slot is vacant, so if you want a shot, speak up in the comments. No big if not, since I will be about - and I trust today's contest will be televised too. And, yeah, I know it's the first full day of the NFL season, but let's hope the Diamondbacks give us something positive to keep us focused on baseball.