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Gameday Thread, #129: 8/28 vs. Astros


Yorman Bazardo
RHP, 0-0, 4.50


Max Scherzer
RHP, 7-8, 4.12

This one will be pretty brief, since my lunch-hour, which should have been devoted to a detailed analysis of tonight's game, was instead spent coming up with stuff to say about the trade of Jon Rauch, which did not include the letters WTF. This will therefore be brief and functional: all I have to say is that Yorman Bazardo had to have one of the coolest names in the game, sounding more like the hero of a Russ Meyer film than a starting pitcher. That is all.


  1. Stephen Drew SS (26)
  2. Ryan Roberts 2B (28)
  3. Justin Upton RF (22)
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B (26)
  5. Miguel Montero C (26)
  6. Gerardo Parra LF (22)
  7. Brandon Allen 1B (23)
  8. Alex Romero CF (25)
  9. Max Scherzer P (25)

I do have to say this is an extraordinary young line-up, which is why I've put their ages after them in brackets. Ryan Roberts is the old man of the bunch, at age 28 - no-one else is older than 26, and the average age is 24.8. Truly, the future is now...