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Gameday Thread, #128: 8/27 vs. Giants


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 2-8, 6.06


Joe Martinez
RHP, 3-1, 5.73

After the events of the past couple of days, I think the key problem is less Yusmeiro Petit starting, than the bullpen managing to get through the Apocaylptic Eighth without allowing a three-run go-ahead homer. It marked the seventeenth time this season we have allowed three or more runs in the eighth inning. To put that into the context of our general late-inning performances, we have given up 3+ in the seventh only twice, and the ninth three times. Little wonder, Arizona fans are to be found cringing in the corner when that section of the game comes around.

And so, we turn to Yusmeiro Petit to avoid the sweep. It's a case of the highly resistible force meeting the extremely movable object, as the Giants offense encounters the man who is still giving up home-runs at a rate almost unparalleled in the history of baseball. That said, taking Petit out of Chase (where his ERA is north of eight, thanks to 12 HR in 39.1 innings) can only be a good thing. His road ERA is a very respectable 3.66, and if conditions are like last night, the ball shouldn't be flying out of CrazyCrab Park. At least, not until the bottom of the eighth inning, when the force of gravity inexplicably appears to weaken.

With the Rockies already having lost, the Giants will be keen to complete the sweep and narrow the gap on their wild card rivals to two games. Martinez hasn't gone past five innings in his four starts, with a 5.59 ERA in that time. Fortunately, he only bats left-handed - he throws right, so the curse of the left-hander (Arizona are now 12-25 against them) should hopefully not be in operation tonight.


  1. Stephen Drew SS

  2. Ryan Roberts 2B

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Miguel Montero C

  6. Gerardo Parra LF

  7. Brandon Allen 1B

  8. Trent Oeltjen CF

  9. Yusmeiro Petit P

Nice to see Mark Reynolds back [in a thinner version, from what I've heard - I'm thinking Christian Bale in The Machinist], and we load the line-up with lefties, so Allen and Oeltjen get the starts.