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Gameday Thread, #127: 8/26 vs. Giants


Doug Davis
LHP, 7-11, 3.77


Jonathan Sanchez
LHP, 6-10, 4.30

Doesn't seem like I missed too much last night, except Jon Rauch deciding to make a mockery of my kind words concerning him, providing the power for Travis Ishikawa, who had one extra-base hit in 70 at-bats before doubling in the seventh and hitting a three-run homer in the eighth. Shame I wasn't here, or I would have been forced to post the blowfish picture again.

We might as well give up hope and go home, since we are facing the second-greatest pitcher in the majors, Jonathan Sanchez. What? You doubt that statement? But he was one error away from a perfect game, so must only trail Mark Buehrle, right? And if you believe that, I'm sure we can find you a fantasy owner wanting to unload ace Yusmeiro Petit on you. After all, the Petit Unit took a no-hitter into the eighth earlier this month... Nah. Sanchez is still mediocre, with a career ERA+ of 89 - even this year, with his near-perfecto, he's only at 100. Still, we've seen much worse pitchers than him shut down the Diamondbacks.


  1. Ryan Roberts 2B

  2. Augie Ojeda 3B

  3. Stephen Drew SS

  4. Justin Upton RF

  5. Chris Snyder Miguel Montero C [Snyder a late scratch]

  6. Rusty Ryal 1B

  7. Gerardo Parra LF

  8. Alex Romero CF

  9. Doug Davis P

Nice to have J-Up back on the team - he was activated from the DL this afternoon, with Daniel Schlereth being returned to the minors. Upton was 2-for-8 with a homer and six RBI in his rehab stint, though it was apparently just an exercise to make sure all his limbs were in working order. That bit of news is why this is being posted so early, figured it'd save a Fanpost. 'charmer Week on the Pit has now ended, so tonight's recap will be brought to you by Azreous. I'll be writing reviews of District 9 and Jeepers Creepers, but should be lurking in the GDT for much of the game.