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Gameday Thread, #124: 8/22 vs. Astros


Max Scherzer
RHP, 7-7, 4.00


Brian Moehler
RHP, 7-9, 5.40

As noted below, Brandon Allen makes his major-league debut for the Diamondbacks today. The team clearly didn't want to wait until the rosters expand, in a little more than a week, but it'll be interesting to see how he gets used down the stretch. We were expecting Whitesell to be the regular starter at first-base when he was called up for the second time, but he only started fourteen of the 34 games played.

Having lost six games in a row, we turn to Max Scherzer to see if he can follow in the Petit Unit's footsteps and keep the Diamondbacks in this one. His last start was most notable for the inning where the Braves scored six unearned runs, though Scherzer giving up nine hits in five frames is not the kind of performance we want to see today. Moehler hasn't won in over a month, going 0-4 with a 6.59 ERA since his last victory on July 20th. That is the kind of performance we want to see today. It's just nice not to be seeing a Cy Young-caliber opposing starter.


  1. Alex Romero RF
  2. Ryan Roberts LF
  3. Gerardo Parra CF
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B
  5. Brandon Allen 1B
  6. Chris Snyder C
  7. Rusty Ryal 2B
  8. Augie Ojeda SS
  9. Max Scherzer P

Kinda glad I checked the start-time for this one, as it's an hour earlier than last night. Which, of course, means it'll be almost over by the time I get home, but hopefully someone will be present in the Gameday Thread.