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Semi-random audio clippage

Here's a round-up of interviews from the past couple of days. We start off Josh Byrnes and Derrick Hall on KTAR - seems that Byrnes predicted to Wolf before the season began, that we could have an outfield of Oeltjen, Romero and Parra later in the season. He discusses the outfield situation and also whether or not Webb should have had the surgery earlier, the question of exercising the option, and DL-ing Schoeneweis. Hall has some interesting things to say on the future of Eric Byrnes 9nothing seems guaranteed for 2010, that seems to be the case) and signing Mark Reynolds long-term.

We then have Doug Davis talking about the waiver-wire and his future - whether that's in Arizona or somewhere else. He said the Diamondbacks recently offered a one year extension with a 2011 club option.  However, it sounds like that was largely rejected before they even got as far as discussing money. "I'll be open for it  when there is something substantial out there. But as of right now there is nothing I can't get on the free agent market."  Davis repeated that he is looking for a three-year contract, and thinks he can get that as a free-agent. Finally, AJ Hinch talks about the situation with regard to Chris Young and also discusses the recent rush of babies in Arizona...

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620