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KTAR: Schoeneweis to leave the team, Schlereth called up

According to KTAR, Scott Schoeneweis has decided to take a leave of absence from the Diamondbacks after what has obviously been a difficult season for him, both on and off the field.  Schoeneweis has put up a 15.00 ERA over 9 innings and 19 appearances since he returned to the club in early June this year.

In his place, the Diamondbacks have recalled Daniel Schlereth from Mobile. Schlereth has posted a 1.01 ERA in AA this season and in his last three appearances has pitched three innings with 8 strikes outs. He did join the club in May this year for a few weeks, and had a 9.64 ERA, but I wonder if he had some bad luck there.  Schlereth had 5 of the 7 baserunners he allowed to reach score against him, despite opponents only hitting .222 off of him, so hopefully he can be a bit more successful at stranding runners.