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Gameday Thread, #113: 8/10 vs. Mets


Mike Pelfrey
RHP, 8-7, 4.75


Doug Davis
LHP, 6-10, 3.67

The Diamondbacks ran into a buzz-saw over the weekend, in the shape of the now-unstoppable force which was the Washington Nationals and, to be honest, were lucky to escape only getting swept... They'll be glad to return to Chase, despite a successful road-trip which finished 6-4: any winning record is a good one when you play away from home.

Well, 24 of the team return to Chase, for as reported below, Chris Young will be changing planes in Albuquerque or whatever and heading for Reno, having been sent to Triple-A to work out whatever ails him. Hopefully he'll get that taken care of, and return - be it in September or next season - to put up decent numbers. That leaves us with none of the four regular outfielders from Opening Day, barely four months ago, present on the 25-man roster.

Pelfrey and Davis each pitched during the series the last time these two teams met, at the start of the month, though didn't face each other. Davis started the opener, allowing two runs in six innings and getting a no-decision as we won 3-2 on an 8th-inning wild-pitch. Pelfrey appeared in the third game, and took the loss, giving up three runs in five innings, while Jon Garland went the distance for a 5-2 Arizona victory.


  1. Stephen Drew SS

  2. Trent Oeltjen LF

  3. Gerardo Parra CF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Miguel Montero C

  6. Chad Tracy 1B

  7. Alex Romero RF

  8. Augie Ojeda 2B

  9. Doug Davis P

Get used to that outfield, as it'll likely be that way for the next couple of weeks, unti Upton, Byrnes or Jackson return, or the rosters expand at the start of September. Maybe not a bad thing: we can continue to evaluate the current incumbents and see whether any of them can fit on the 2010 roster. A little disappointed not to see Roberts or Whitesell getting the start, however - it's doubtful Ojeda or Tracy will be on the roster in 2010. I also note Drew and Tracy are the only surivors among the eight position players who started Opening Day: Jackson and Byrnes are injured, Lopez has been traded, Clark released, Young demoted and Snyder supplanted.

Should be about for most of this one, though I am supposed to be watching Flower of Flesh + Blood, a Japanese film which Charlie Sheen mistook as a snuff movie and reported to the FBI. True fact. I think it might be best if I try and fit that in before dinner... But if I'm late, you know where I'll be.