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Gameday Thread, #86: 7/9 vs. Marlins


Andrew Miller
LHP, 3-4, 4.42


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 0-3, 8.46

The heady euphoria of sweeping the Padres out of town now has to be tempered with the realization that, let's be honest, they really suck. I mean, you thought we were bad? Two of the games we gave San Diego seven innings head-start and still beat them. Now, for something a bit more challenging: a team with an actual winning record. Y'know, the sort against whom the Diamondbacks are 19-30 this season.

Just to make the extending of the win streak to six even more difficult, Arizona will be playing the entire game with one hand behind their back. Well, not quite, but they will be sending Yusmeiro Petit to the mound,. Let;'s face it, that basically amounts to the same thing. The only way we got the win in his last outing was because Hinch gave him the hook after three innings. before he had the chance to allow more than four runs. Our best chance for victory tonight might be some kind of ambush as he makes his way in from the bullpen. I expect Reynolds, in his new role as team leader, to be at the head of the charge.

Speaking of Mark, he's included in the day's audio clippage, after the news that he came third in the All-Star Final Man balloting, despite (or perhaps because of?) all the frantic canvassing on his behalf. Also in today's interviews some interesting stuff from Doug Davis on Gambo and Ash: not heard it yet myself, but apparently says he wants a three or four year deal to stay in Arizona. Even though he's having by far the best season of his career, not sure I'd bite, for exactly that reason. Also stuff from Hall and Hinch, so get your ears on for this:

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B
  2. Augie Ojeda SS
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B
  5. Gerardo Parra LF
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Tony Clark 1B
  8. Luke Carlin C
  9. Yusmeiro Petit P

Did I say one hand behind our back? I must have meant both of them. As well as being locked in the trunk of a car which has just fallen off a freighter over the Marianas Trench. DFA Clark gets to start and we also have Carlin, who has been on the roster for more than two weeks and has yet to get his first hit as a Diamondback. Oh, well: it was a nice winning streak while it lasted...