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Gameday Thread, #84: 7/7 vs. Padres


Kevin Correia
RHP, 5-6, 4.58


Doug Davis
LHP, 3-8, 3.15

It largely sums up the season for Arizona that only two of our starters have won a game in the past month. Max has three victories, Dan four - however, Jon, Doug and the Triple-headed Beast of Replacement Suck have combined for sixteen starts since the last time any one of them saw a W by their name in the box-score. Davis has been especially unlucky: in his five appearances over that time, he has allowed nine earned runs in 30.2 innings, an ERA of just 2.64. Yet his record in that time is 0-2. It's got even more extreme of late; his past three outings each lasted seven innings with a single run allowed, and have all ended in no-decisions.

Tonight would be a nice time for that to end, though Correia is a rare Padres pitcher whose ERA is actually lower on the road than in Petco [4.41/4.68]. He beat Arizona at Petco on June 6th, with six innings of two-run ball, which started a streak for him of five straight quality starts. However, that came to a halt last time out, Houston scoring six runs off him in five innings. Hopefully, that marks the start of a new streak of futility for Correia.

I trust we have all voted at least twenty times today for him? If not, I will want to know why. Hinch said his 6-year-old daughter, Halley, is using her alloted computer time each day to vote for Mark, and in the clubhouse before batting practice, he was showing Luke Carlin how to vote... John McCain will also be endorsing Reynolds during the pre-game show tonight - now, if we can just get Janet Napolitano for that cross-platform support.

Bunch of interesting audio clips for you to listen to while we wait for first pitch. First, there's Justin Upton on Gambo and Ash from yesterday, then there's Derrick Hall with his weekly chat from Doug and Wolf this morning, AJ Hinch's afternoon discussion with G&A today, Reynolds on the G&A show too, and finally some pre-game comments from Hinch today.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B

  2. Stephen Drew SS

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Miguel Montero C

  6. Gerardo Parra LF

  7. Chad Tracy 1B

  8. Chris Young CF

  9. Doug Davis P

Same as last night, with the notable exception of DFA Clark, who gets replaced by Tracy, presumably because the latter showed the capability to get the ball out of the infield last night. A win tonight would tie the best streak of the season so far and, with Scherzer going tomorrow, would give us a real chance of completing a sweep around the rotation. Let's get it done.