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Injury update: Brandon Webb and Eric Byrnes speak

Eric Byrnes spoke for the the first time since his surgery, which inserted a metal-plate and eight screws in the hand hit by a pitch on June 25th. He feels he is on the shorter end of the "4-to-8 week" recovery time quoted by the doctors - though I'd say he might do well to remember the whole hamstring issue, and how well that worked out when he tried to return to early. Still, he had the stitches removed today, and is now in a brace.

Brandon Webb also spoke to reporters before the game. He says the doctors compared his MRI to that from last year, and was told, "There was no change in it - and that's encouraging because I won 22 games last year." They told him he has an internal impingement in the shoulder, which he had a year ago in May but pitched through it. He will shut it down - not pick up a baseball - for 4-to-6 weeks during which time he will strengthen the shoulder, and aims to return for at least one September start to prove to himself and the Diamondbacks that he can pitch.

Audio clippage from both players is below:

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620